2014 Draft and the Old Guard

Please allow me to foment more discussion.

Premise: This draft year is stacked, with awesome.

Fact: We have more top 100 picks, and more picks overall, than anybody else.

Conclusion: Time to rebuild w/o loss, w/o starting over.

Wondering to self: how far in (all in?) do you go, if the above is true?

Possible approach to the 2014 draft: replace the old guard with new blood...when you don't even need the new blood YET. Perhaps it's cold-blooded to get guys to train and shape and mold their replacements. But I'm thinking two years out...draft now, train-prep-keep them secret-keep them safe...and extend them right before they take over two years into their little used careers.

Scenario: Draft the future replacement and present competition to everyone that is aged (defined as 8+ years or so in the NFL) AND anyone that we can't resign as the rookie contract expires. (And some dead wood that needs trimming)

Who to replace: Who I want:

-Bethea, two years out -Deone Buccanon or Loston if we hold out a few rounds (or Joyner if he can make the switch like some say)

-Boldin/Crabtree -Jordan Matthews and Abrederis

-Ahmad Brooks -don't know enough to say

-Vernon Davis -Not replaceable (but I want to experiment with Lyerla)

-Gore -did that last year, Lattimore

-LMJ (dead wood) -Dri Archer

-Cowboy/Dobbs/J-E -hopefully done last year... Tank and the "Adonis" but p/u another gamble prospect to train up

-Willis (& Bowman with knee issue now) -likely irreplaceable, Skov? But this is one that could maybe wait a year or two

-DB (we just want better) -I want a big and a little, perhaps Joyner/Fuller; Verrett/ any rate, let's aim for a combo package for the future this year

Iupati (someone gets lost due to $) -Done? Marquadt or Martin or Bykowski

Center? -I dunno

QB (extra arms for camp?) -If Kap wants the 20 mili$n...then extend him then trade him for the greatest bounty of all time. Thant means we recreate Plaine-Gabbert into Blaizing Gabbert and push him with someone like Mettenberger, Fales, or other? Having grown up two towns away from's dreamy to have the local guy, but I want a team of heroes and icons that over achieve or always compete. I don't want one dude that sucks all the oxygen out of the room.

How do we fit future starters on the current roster? Think Special Teams.

Cut/trade/edit: Dahl, Baldwin, Dobbs, Culiver, Celek, Osgood, Ventrone...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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