Golden Nuggets: Let's Make a Deal!

Ronald Martinez

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

$18 MILLION DOLLARS! That's the magic number? That's the money per year that Colin Kaepernick wants? Mr. York! Pay that man now! The Niners with Colin at quarterback have already been to a Super Bowl and a championship game. He wants the money Jay Cutler and Tony Romo signed for. What have those guys accomplished? Not much. Colin has already accomplished more than these two guys combined. Why wouldn't the Niners sign Colin to that kind of money?

The Niners are moving into a brand new stadium this year and it would be foolish not to have your star quarterback locked up. He didn't perform as well this season as he did the previous season, but don't forget that this was his first full season and they still made it to the NFC Championship game. He played without his #1 receiver for 11 games. Unless the Niners don't believe that he is their guy (doubtful), they should sign him for the $18-$19 million he is looking for. If not, he will most definitely find that money from another team. He is a rising star in this league and the Niners must remember what it was like without a solid quarterback. Mr. York, pay that man his money!

49ers Links:

Harbaugh is finally back to doing what he does best. Working with QBs. | Scouting Colin's Backup (Williamson)

Niners not expected to tender restricted free agents (CSNBA)

Colin is worth this deal. He didn't set the market price. Cutler and Romo did. He deserves as much as they make. | Comparing Cutler's deal to what Colin wants (Williamson)

Harbaugh conducts private workout (Price)

The media has it in for Jim (BASG)

Setting the record straight (Williamson)

I'm hoping Patton can become their deep threat. I feel he could become a valuable player for the offense. A few extra workouts with Colin and this partnership may bloosom. | The Need for Speed: WRs (Maiocco)

Baalke prefers early draft (Pentis)

Welcome back Anquan! Now with their starting WRs back, let's see what Colin can accomplish this year. This was an easy decision for the front office. | Boldin's Deal (Williamson)

No one really knows what's on Jim's mind. He may or may not want extra power. But one thing that is not debatable is that he wants to win in the worst way. | One thing on Harbaugh's mind: Just win (Barrows)

Colin trusts his starting WRs. He believes they will make plays for him. | Colin plays better with Boldin and Crabtree together..obviously (Williams)

The Niners Blueprint this Offseason (Williamson)

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