The Niner organization has always been a stickler for ‘good football character’ and setting the tone for what matters in football player development. Based on incidents that have circled the organization in recent weeks, it’s time for them to speak through action to make sure no one has forgotten. The 2014 draft is perfect timing to do it.

The Niners have shown propensity to ‘not’ sell the franchise to high-end salary players, either in drafting or free agent activity because they believe in player development for those who have: a love of football; a strong work ethic; a strong ‘team’ player ethic (not a show boat, i.e. what did we do with T. O.?); and strong family ties (both personal and organizational). To reinforce this attitude due to the recent player events, here is their new focus on the 2014 draft.

Players that will/should be traded (either leading into, during, or soon and before the start of the 2014 schedule:

- OLB Aldon Smith (of course we trade him for future picks because there are more teams willing to trade for him no matter his personal issues – we get value for his ‘bad decision-making and other teams short-sightedness);

- CB Chris Culliver (same as above – if possible, otherwise he’s a cut);

· We will assume these players will ‘not’ be involved in draft day trades – as it relates to the picks below, but it’s possible their movement could be involved.

Players being put on notice by 2014 draft action (i.e. listen up guys):

- QB Colin Kaepernick;

- WR Michael Crabtree;

- WR Quinton Patton;

- OG M. Iupati

Players to be held up as positive icons for supporting team/organization and sport ‘ethics’ (i.e. the great players are not above the sport, they play within it to build the sport as the ultimate icon, because of it, they become 49’er history and tradition well spoken of);

- DE Justin Smith

- LB Patrick Willis

- RB Frank Gore

- LB Navorro Bowman

- WR A. Boldin

- FS Eric Reid (rookie)

- OT A. Boone

- TE V. Davis (he got the message in time)

New 2014 Draft Strategy:

Niners trade down their #1 pick (Rd1-pick#30) to gain an early Rd2 early pick (est. #40) + a Rd 6 pick (est. #200-205);

#40 pick: OLB J. Attaochu

Rd2 – pick #56: RB J. Hill

Rd2 – pick #61: WR C. Latimer

Rd3 – pick #77: CB S. Jean-Baptiste

Rd3 – pick#94: CB J. Watkins

Rd3 – pick#100: TE C.J. Fredorowsci or CB E. J. Gaines

Rd4 – pick#129: SS C. Lofston or,

T. Savage QB

Rd5 – pick#170: SS A. Dixon (If Lofston not taken) or,

OG A. Steen(inj), or,

WR J. Janis

Rd6 – pick#200-205 est. w/trade down):

CB T. Mitchell or,

DT S. Stephen

Rd7 – pick#224: OG B. Thomas(inj)(If Steen above not taken), or

CB A. Colvin(inj), or

ILB D. Lattimore;

Rd7 – pick#225: ILB D. Lattimore (If available) or,

QB T.J. Boyd (If Savage above not taken), or

WR Q. Enunwa

Rd7 – pick#245: OLB K. Edebali or,

WR L. Washington, or

FB R. Hewitt

UFA’s for consideration:

DT R. Carrethers

RB D. Fluellen

ILB S. Divitto

CB M. Williams

SS H. Smith

RB J. Smith

The Niner’s 2014 draft picks "heard round the locker room".

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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