2014 NN community mock draft: With the 8th pick, the Minnesota Vikings select ...

The 2014 Niners Nation NFL mock draft is off and running. We move on to the Minnesota Vikings, courtesy of user Hoopers Judge.

We're back for the eighth pick of the 2014 Niners Nation Community Mock Draft. You can see previous picks below in the draft table. You can also follow the mock draft board through this story stream.

With the eighth pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, Hoopers Judge and the Minnesota Vikings select , quarterback, Central Florida. Some of the alternates he considered included Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, UCLA outside linebacker Anthony Barr, and Alabama inside linebacker C.J. Mosely.

Here are his thoughts on the pick:

The Minnesota Vikings actually have quite a decent roster. But nonetheless it does have a few positions that immediately strike me as needing help, and fast. They need a Linebacker in the worst way with Chad Greenway getting older, slower, more expensive, and becoming a huge liability in pass coverage allowing a 77% completion rate against receivers he covered. They also cut Erin Henderson for consecutive DUI and drug charges and let Desmond Bishop walk in Free Agency after tearing his ACL during the season. And currently filling the other two Linebacker spots are Michael Mauti and Gerald Hodges, both late round pick rookies who were injured last season, and Audie Cole who was drafted in the seventh round last year as well but was very bad against the run. They could also use help at Strong Safety, Defensive Tackle, interior Offensive Line, and Wide Receiver.

But the biggest need is at QB with the 2011 draft's number twelve overall selection Christian Ponder and the recently re-signed Matt Cassel filling out the QB group. I heavily considered selecting the best remaining Linebackers Anthony Barr and C.J. Mosley, but passing on the QB position with good player still available would be folly. I considered Johnny Manziel briefly but Mike Zimmer's comments after his Pro-Day left me a little leery. And also because Bortles is a better fit for Norv Turner's offense than Manziel.

Blake Bortles was a two year starter at Central Florida taking his team to a 22-5 record, beating teams on the road and sometimes in comeback fashion like Penn State and Louisville last year. He also took his mid-major team to the BCS last year playing the Baylor Bears in the 2014 Fiesta Bowl. As a 17 point underdog he lead his team to a big upset win against a good Bears defense scoring 52 points with a passing day of 20-31, 301 yards, 3 TDs, 2 INTs and adding 8 rushes for 93 yards and a TD. He finished the season with 3,581 yards, 25 TDs, 9 INTs with 87 rushes for 272 yards and 6 TDs.

Bortles has great size at 6'5", 232 pounds. He played in a spread offense at Central Florida where he did dink-and-dunk a bit, but does have some experience taking snaps under center. He'll step up and deliver a pass under duress in the pocket but his footwork would suffer under heavy pressure. His deep ball is mediocre because of his relatively slow and labored throwing motion which could stand to improve. He also lacks elite arm strength, but is still functional for an NFL offense. But he's an accurate passer in the short-and-intermediate passing game where he can fit throws into windows with touch and zip. He was also excellent throwing on play-action and throwing out of the pocket on bootlegs.

All in all, Bortles is a QB new Head Coach Mike Zimmer and Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner can work and be successful with. He does need development to fix his throwing motion and footwork and the usual coaching for a player coming out of a spread offense. But he has great physical attributes and good tape. He'll need to sit for at least a few games for the Vikings but it'll be absolutely worth it.

Trevor Woods: The Vikings still have Matt Cassell and fourth year pro and former first rounder Christian Ponder at quarterback. Although both players have underwhelmed in their careers mostly, they have also flashed talent, could Norv Turner turn one of their careers around? Regardless, a new regime has no allegiance to these quarterbacks, and Turner will more than likely want his own hand-picked QB to groom. Bortles would be a good fit in Turner's offense, and under Turner's tutelage his footwork should improve. With so many holes to fill on the Vikings roster I could see them going defense here instead and drafting a quarterback in the second round, as they already have two quarterbacks on the roster who can start for now.

Nick Chiamardas: Despite drafting Christian Ponder in the first round just a couple of years ago, the Vikings are again in the market for a QB. With Bortles falling into their laps at eight, this is the smartest pick for the Vikings to make. Bortles is arguably one of the top two QBs in the draft and possesses all of the tools to be a successful QB in the league. There won't be a ton of pressure for Bortles to come in and start right away as the Vikings are likely to see what veteran QB Matt Cassel can do. That doesn't mean Bortles can't beat out Cassel for the job but there will, at least, be a competition.

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