49er Fan Mock Draft

This is my first and probably last mock of the 2014 draft.

  1. 1st round 23rd pick CB Kyle Fuller
  2. 2nd round 16th pick WR Kelvin Benjamin
  3. 2nd round 30th pick DT Dominique Easley
  4. 3rd round 13th pick CB Pierre Desir
  5. 3rd comp 36th pick C Weston Richburg
  6. 5th round 30th pick ILB Khairi Fortt
  7. 7th round 27th pick TE Colt Lyerla
  8. 7th round 28th pick WR John Brown

Here are a few trades I've imposed:

49ers trade with KC

49ers: 1.30/3.30

KC: 1.23

49ers trade with Baltimore

49ers: 2.24/4.30/7.30

BAL: 2.16

1. Kyle Fuller is one of the top CBs in this draft. He's a physical player that has very good instincts. He seems to know where the receiver is or will be in many plays. He's good with run support and has a lot of experience on special teams where he has excelled. However, one of his concern coming into the NFL is injury. He dealt with a sports hernia in his senior year and had surgery for it in November. Despite missing the rest of his senior season (6/13 games), he had a good combine. (Other players I considered were Jason Verrett, Bradley Roby, Marquise Lee, and Odell Beckham Jr.)

Here's a 10minute clip of him against Marshall

This is a 6minute clip of him against Alabama

2. Kelvin Benjamin is a 6'5 240lb WR. He's a great redzone target and jump ball WR that the 49ers need. He finished his 2013 season with 15TDs. Benjamin has all the physical tools and skills to be a legit #1 WR in the NFL. He doesn't have blazing speed(ran a 4.61 at combine), but he's hard to take down. He has a high drop rate which can be corrected. His problem is that he tries to run before he can secure the ball. I think Benjamin is a high risk high reward type of player. People always want to compare him to Baldwin.. well what about Demaryius Thomas? Here's a scouting report on Thomas vs a scouting report on Benjamin. Here's additional reports on both .Thomas and Benjamin from They label the same problems, yet look how Thomas has turned out.

10minute clip of him against Florida it shows a little bit of everything

3. I honestly did not know what to do with this pick. The 49ers do not have glaring needs at any other positions outside of CB and WR. 49ers have great depth all around and I was considering an ILB or SS here, but I eventually ended up with BPA. I wanted Tuitt or Ealy, but I think realistically Easley would be the one most likely to be left. He's very explosive and quick. He's a good pass rusher. His injury is a concern for him, but he has a ton of potential to add onto our front 7. However, he does needs to bulk up at 288lbs. He fits perfectly with the 49ers.

7minute clip of him against Tennesse

4. I picked another CB in the draft because Pierre Desir is a player you simply can't pass up. He has a good size at 6'1 198lbs. He played in DII, but made a name for himself in receiving a Senior Bowl invite and a Draft Combine invite. He's an aggressive player that doesn't back down. He has great ball skills. Every opponent he played, feared him. In 2013 there were only 14 pass attempts towards the man he was defending. To add onto that, he had a total of 6PDs and 4INTs for the 2013 season.

11minute clip of him against Lincoln

5. Weston Richburg is one of the best centers in this years draft. It's a 3 way coin toss between Richburg, Martin, and Swanson. I think he's the best out of this entire class. He can protect CK and will be Goodwin's replacement for the future.

7minute clip of him against Alabama He was very good against the best defense in the nation.

6. This one was tough. There were so many options. I ended up using it on Fortt because I think he's a solid all around prospect. He has great lateral speed and can drop into coverage and defend TEs.

14minute clip of him against Ohio St.

7. Colt Lyerla has a character issue along with drugs, but if he can get his head straight and get back on the right path, he's the steal of the draft. He has one of the highest ceilings. If he can get his things together, he will be the Tyrann Mathieu of the 2014 draft.

Colt Lyerla against Cal and Arizona

8. John Brown is another Divison II player who earned himself a spot in the draft combine. He made his name known by running a 4.34 at the combine. He's a 5'10 WR who had a job as a KR/PR. His career average is 26.9 on KR and 13.6 on PR with 5TDs(3PR, 2KR). in 2013 he has 61 receptions for 1198yards and 14TDs.

I tried scooping up more information, however since "John Brown" is such a rare name, there were no searches results for game tapes.


I used Draft Breakdown's website for all the linked videos(on youtube). An article I found very useful was this which is a CB metric system....I don't even know about the whole Culliver thing anymore.. but this mock stands for now. I think when draft day comes, things will be very interesting. The 49ers have so many options with each pick.

Tell me your opinions and complaints. I'm cool with it all

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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