barely enough picks

Some weeks back I commented on '1950's' mock draft, and the wise man agreed with me: with the new CBA you have to have a series of mini-blowups on your roster to stay ahead of the game. Even though I grew up 20 minutes from Kap's high school and absolutely love having home town guys on the team...I would rather see Kap get traded than to hinder the team with the 20+mil dollar salary.

So, we barely have enough picks to get what we need, longish term, in this draft. I have read more than is useful on the 2014 draft. That said, allow me to synthesize and list everything we need, according everyone when they are all put together.

We need

WR -to replace Crabtree next year

WR-to stretch the field

WR-Red Zone target

CB-slot guy, fast, shifty

CB-big dude, compete with Cook, rough up WR's at the line of scrimmage

SS-for future, learn from Bethea, and learn/grow with Reid...the Kings of the Back Field for the next seven years

QB-Kap's challenger

PASS RUSHER-because Aldon might ruin his life at a moment's notice

DL-"cuz" ya'll say that the cowboy is getting old

RB-becasue every day they say they are looking at yet another RB option in this year's draft

ILB-to get the best competition and effort out of Bowman's proxy

TE-as back up RED Zone targeting insurance...and because I have no hope in Carrier or Celek

C-just in case Kilgore stinks


The guys to get are

WR-Jarvis Landry OR Jordan Matthews


WR-Evans is the dream, but settle for Kelvin Benjamin

CB-Joyner, Verret, or ???

CB-Breeland, or Gaines, or S J-B

SS-Buccanon, Loston, or ?

QB-Fales is local, but I haven't a clue who they really like...We might have a very happy decade if we could pair Mathews, Landry, Lattimore, and Latimer, with a Harbaugh-ified Blaine Gabbert. Coupled with Reid/Buccanon/Joyner/?/Willis/Bowman/Okoye/Aldon..and the next best things we add each year



RB-Dri Archer, because if you like LMJ you have to like Dri Archer...and he has lots of wild card potential




XTRA BODIES FOR CAMP, UDFA: more CB's , more WR's, more RB's, more linemen, more LB's, more QB's

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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