Mock Drafting NFC West Opponents - Seattle

I know, another Mock Draft. This time there is a catch: I'm mocking the Niners' opponents from the NFC West. I've done two for each team and will include them both. One is serious. The other not so much, but that doesn't mean I'm drafting kickers every round either.

First up is the our friends from the Pacific Northwest. A little background is in order prior to exposing my picks. I live in Seattle and I'm forced to watch them every Sunday. They are very good, but have huge holes on the offensive line. With only six picks in this year's draft, I think Seattle will focus on the offensive line, but I could be wrong.

Here's my first draft. It's not great, but I was just picking the BPA for Seattle at that time:

32 WR Kelvin Benjamin, Florida St.

64 G Cyril Richardson, Baylor

132 DT Justin Ellis, LA Tech

146 TE Arthur Lynch, Georgia

172 OT Cornelius Lucas, Kansas State

208 CB Nevin Lawson, Utah State

Reasoning: Alot of these players will take potential FA places next year. It also provides Seattle with some insurance in case certain players' contracts are not extended before the beginning of the year.

Now here's the draft I would really conduct if I were in charge:

32 OT Zack Martin, Notre Dame

64 G David Yankey, Stanford

132 DE Kareem Martin, NC

146 WR Jeff Janis, Saginaw Valley State

172 DT Deandre Coleman, Cal

208 TE Jake Murphy, Utah

In this draft, Zack Martin fell all the way to 32. It could happen and if it did, Schneider would be all over that pick. To follow up, taking Yankey in the second round would really address the weakness of this year's Seattle team. If these picks panned out under the tutelage of Tom Cable, Seattle would be very scary.

By taking Martin and Coleman, I addressed the losses of Red Bryant, Clinton McDonald, and Chris Clemons. Martin and Coleman will be part of the defensive line rotations with Bennett, Averill, Irvin, McDaniel, Mebane, Hill and YOLO. Taking into consideration that nobody knows who Seattle is going to draft and their propensity for taking prospects in the fifth round that turn All-Pro, Jeff Janis was the best WR at that slot. Not a burner, but he will remind Seattle fans of their beloved Steve Largent with is precise route running and dependable hands.

Zach Miller and Anthony McCoy are playing on one year contracts and will need to be replaced with a cheaper and younger TE. Enter Jake Murphy who could learn and wait his turn to play next year.

I hope the second draft doesn't occur as a line of Okung/Yankey/Unger/Sweeney or Carpenter/Martin would be pretty damn good.

Thanks for Reading and Stay Faithful my friends.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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