Mock Drafting NFC West Opponents - Arizona

In my continuing quest to defeat boredom while waiting for the real draft to take place, I've taken the liberty to study the Niners divisional opponents and see how they would draft based on their needs, draft positions and sheer luck. Like my other drafts, I've used Fanspeak's On the Clock program without the ability to trade picks. Earlier, I completed Seattle's draft.

I've taken two samples of the drafts where one is a BPA method and the other is based on team needs identified by the fans of Revenge of the Birds, the media and other AZ related websites. With this said, I won't be drafting kickers every round although I would like to.

With only six picks in this year's draft, Arizona doesn't really have alot of holes. With that said, they will have alot of work to do come next offseason with the Free Agent status of several of their key players including QB Carson Palmer. Several of the needs that need to be addressed are QB, RT, Pass Rusher, Safety, DL, and ILB.

Using the BPA method, this is what I was able to come up with:

20 DT Aaron Donald, Pittsburgh
52 SS Deone Bucannon, Washington State
84 OLB/DE Trent Murphy, Stanford
120 OT Antonio Richardson, Tennessee
160 QB Aaron Murray, Georgia
196 OLB Kasim Edebali, Boston College

I've attempted to meet all of Arizona's needs in this draft. Donald fell to me at #20 and there was no way I was going to pass him up. A DL with Donald, Dockett, Campbell, John Abraham and Dan Williams would be downright scary.

Next I was able to shore up the Safety position by taking my draft crush Bucannon to pair up with the Honey Badger. Imagine that secondary with Peterson, Cromartie, Bucannon and the Honey Badger to go along with that fierce pass rush?

By adding Stanford's Trent Murphy to play the pass rusher at OLB along with Matt Shannauhsy and Sam Ocho coupled with last year's number one pick Kevin Minter and perennial bad ass Daryl Washington and anyone can see that Arizona's defense is freakin' pretty good. Losing Dansby will hurt, but not that much.

I addressed the RT position with the mountain of a man named Tiny Richardson out of Tennessee and the QB of the future with Aaron Murray out of Georgia.

Well, If I were in charge, based on team need this is what my draft would look like:

20 OLB Ryan Shazier, Ohio State
52 S Jimmie Ward, Northern Illinois
84 RB Ka'deem Carey, Arizona
120 QB Tom Savage, Pittsburgh
160 OT Austin Wentworth, Fresno State
196 TE Xavier Grimble, USC

Just as the above draft, I was able to address the Safety position with a stud player. I think Ward is a better pairing with the Honey Badger as they both have some serious range to go along with Peterson and Cromartie. Arizona fans have been clamoring for more of a pass rush and I think Shazier is the answer to that request.

Arizona's offense has Fitzgerald, Floyd and now Ginn, but they have always lacked a bell cow at RB and a legitimate TE. Carey brings a real running threat to Arizona now and Grimble can be decent if used correctly. I addressed their tackle position with fleet footed Austin Wentworth from Fresno State. Having to block for Derek Carr, Wentworth knows what its like to block for a lead footed QB with mobility issues. For the future, I took Tom Savage from Pittsburgh over other QB's in that range. I think Bruce Arians would be able to teach this kid how to play in the NFL and Savage's stock has been rising lately.

Arizona is a dangerous team and if they can pick up where they left off, it's going to make the race for the NFC West Crown that more exciting.

Thanks for reading and Stay Faithful my friends.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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