2014 NFL Draft: Names to look for in rounds 5-7

Matthew Holst

Fooch's Note: If you have some late round prospects you want to discuss, drop them in the comments.

We've talked quite a bit about the guys we will be looking to target with our top 6 picks, but little has been said about guys who would be good options with our 5th or three 7th round picks. I've got a few names I'd like to see us call if I were the GM, but there are probably a bunch of other late round picks that this knowledgeable community can educate us on too. I'll start off with a few guys and their profiles with the hope that others can add some info about other guys in the comments below.

James Morris, ILB, Iowa - Full disclosure: I'm a HUGE Iowa fan (born and raised, season ticket holder since I was 20), but Morris is absolutely underrated as a guy likely to go undrafted. He was thrust into action as a true freshman because of injuries and never looked back. He's been the leader of the defense for the last 3 years and there may not have been a more high-character, high-motor player in college football over that time span. He has decent size (6'1 and around 250 lbs) and decent measurables (4.8 40 at combine but 4.6 electronically timed 40 at pro day, 18 bench reps, 4.33 shuttle, under 7 in 3-cone). He will be above average against the run and in the passing game, with a good amount of production as a senior (106 tackles, 17 TFL, 7 sacks, 4 interceptions) to earn 2nd team all B1G honors. Nobody will outwork him and there is absolutely zero character concerns - also fairly intelligent as I believe he was academic All-B1G for 2 or 3 years

That all sounds great, you're saying, so why isn't he a sure thing to hear his name called come draft day? Well, for one thing, he had some pretty poor game tape last year (2012). In his defense, he was playing with a bum ankle almost the entire year, but that doesn't make up for some times where he looked poor in zone coverage. He also took some horrible angles at times and allowed himself to be swallowed up in the middle against the run too much last year - a huge no-no for an ILB. He also has a pretty limited ceiling - he isn't going to turn into Bowman or Willis, but that comes with a pretty high floor as well. He also plays ILB - a position that, like RB, has been undervalued in the draft for some time now.

Overall, however he would be a fantastic addition for depth and a solid special teams contributor who can possibly develop into much more down the road (will probably never be All Pro, but I wouldn't bet against him being a solid starter and above average player for a lot of years wherever he ends up)

Kenny Guiton, QB, tOSU - It's tough to make the case that a QB who has all of maybe 4-5 games-worth of tape total out there, but Guiton may just be a fantastic high risk, high reward player that would be perfect to bring in to let Harbaugh work his magic with. At 6'2 and around 200 lbs, he has a similar build and athleticism as Kap (4.67 40), so the playbook wouldn't have to be altered if he should have to see the field. He also has the arm to make all the throws, with crazy stats for the 3 games he took most snaps in last year - 64/94 for 12 TDs and 2 picks (set school record with 6 TD passes in 1 game) and 40 rushes for 330 yards. Those are crazy stats regardless of who you're playing.

The problem is that with such little tape, he could have any number of weaknesses that teams didn't get a chance to expose because he played so little. Now when Braxton Miller decided to become a Buckeye as the #1 recruit in the nation, there was no chance Guiton was going to dethrone him unless Braxton didn't live up to the hype (which, for the most part, he did). Guiton never gave in to those who wanted him to stay at the helm when Braxton came back from injury last year, though, declaring that this was his team (reminiscent of what Cousins said about RGIII at Washingon), showing himself to be a team-first guy who avoided unnecessary drama and distractions by doing so.

There are a few more I'd like to share, but this post is long enough already

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