2014 NFL Draft position rankings: Here are your wide receiver rankings

Ronald Martinez

We've wrapped up voting on the wide receiver position. Here are your 2014 Niners Nation wide receiver rankings.

After close to two days of voting, the second half of the Niners Nation wide receiver rankings is a wrap. We got a little over 1,000 votes, and I think it gives us a nice representative sample. We voted on the first five earlier in the week, and then the second five Thursday and Friday. Here is how the top ten shook out:

1. Sammy Watkins, Clemson
2. Mike Evans, Texas A&M
3. Brandin Cooks, Oregon State
4. Odell Beckham, Jr., LSU
5. Marqise Lee, USC
6. Kelvin Benjamin, Florida State
7. Jordan Matthews, Vanderbilt
8. Allen Robinson, Penn State
9. Jarvis Landry, LSU
10. Davante Adams, Fresno State

Next five:

11. Donte Moncrief, Ole Miss
12. Martavis Bryant, Clemson
13. Cody Latimer, Indiana
14. Paul Richardson, Colorado
15. Bruce Ellington, South Carolin

Here is how the voting shook out for the second five:


Benjamin and Matthews dominated the voting, and just so you're aware, they were in spots 6 and 7 when we voted on the first five. However, there was also a fairly clear delineation between the first five and those two, so I think it was a reasonable finish in the voting.

What is interesting is how the next three moved around. Here are the complete voting results 1-25 from the first vote. Here are the complete voting results 6-25 from the second vote. We could keep going on with the wide receiver position, but I think getting that top ten works. Additionally, the 11-15 spots match up close enough to how they looked after the first vote, that in reality I am fine including them as well.

Tomorrow morning I'll get the voting survey open for the cornerback position. We'll do the same thing as with wide receivers, voting spots 1-5, and then 6-10. Just to remind you ahead of time, the idea is considering these guys in a vacuum. Guys like Justin Gilbert and Darqueze Dennard would require the 49ers trade up, but given the assets in their possession, that is not out of the realm of the possible.

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