CB a pressing need?

All I want from this fanpost is to get someone to slowly spell out the reason why so many on here think CB should be our #1 pick. I've seen many a comment to that effect, but I need it slowly explained point by point, since I don't get it. Counterpoints are as follows:

Starter 1: We just signed Brock to an extension. There is one starter.

Starter 2: It looks like Culliver will play this year. The best explanation I've heard is that most likely his discipline will kick in next year since he is innocent until proven guilty. Someone can explain why they think the legal stuff could go through sooner. There is little reason to think he won't play well for us come fall.

Starter 3: Wright played in one game last year, Seattle at SF, and I recently re-watched it and he played well. No reason to think he cannot be our #3 guy.

Backups: Behind them are Morris, Cook and Cox. Neither Morris nor Cook have proven much, but between the three of them (I'm assuming one doesn't make the 53) two should emerge as a solid #4 and #5. Give me a mid-round pick (Exum?) and that seems like a good and cost effective secondary. Take one more corner in the draft (Colvin) and IR him, or take one late and put him on PS, and that would seem sufficient.

IMO our two biggest needs are WR and IOL. This has to do with the salary cap. Our secondary is good and also cost effective. We have proven that, when it comes to defensive players, we are plug and play. Wilhoite, TJE, Dorsey, Skuta, Brock, Morris, am I forgetting anyone? At various times each of these players, who were not initially starters, stepped in and played well for us.

On offense it is a different story. Investing draft capital in our offense seems to be a more pressing need. The need has to do with this year, but also next year and the year after that. The key is having talent on the cheap, and, while our secondary is the very definition of this, our WR corps will not be.

A very sound and easy strategy going forward for keeping a good performance/pay ratio is simply to not re-sign Crabs or Iupati (unless we get them on really good deals). In that case, this is the year to get their replacements. By this logic, WR and OG are our two biggest needs.

That seems reasonable to me, but I don't come on NN to hear myself talk. I like hearing others' perspectives.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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