49ers 7 Round Mock Draft

Round 1 pick #19 (Trade w/ Miami)- Jason Verrett- CB TCU

Send pick #30 (1st round) and #61 (2nd round) to Miami

The 49ers have an arsenal of draft picks and not a lot of holes to fill on the roster. I don't see the 49ers staying at #30 in the 1st round. They will either trade up or trade back for future picks. I think they eventually decide to trade up and grab one of the drafts best corners. Verrett has excellent man to man coverage skills, is an aggressive tackler, and probably has some of the best ball skills at his position in the draft. I think the 49ers fall in love with his physicality and pull the trigger and move up with Miami.

Round 2 Pick #56- Will Clarke- DE WVU

The 49ers need to add a playmaker at the WR position but there is a run on them at the top of the 2nd round and miss out on getting a WR in the 2nd round but this is a deep draft class and they know that they can get a guy they like at WR later on. They do a great job and just sit put and take the best player available on their board and grab another pass rusher for their defense. Justin Smith probably has only a couple years left and the 49ers need to start thinking about his replacement. Trent Baalke loves to draft athletic guys with broad wingspans and Will Clarke fits that mold. He can be an explosive pass rusher and can push the pocket. You can never have too many pass rushers.

Round 3 Pick #77- Jimmie Ward- SS Nothern Illinois

Secondary will be a constant theme in this mock draft and for good reason. The 49ers signed Bethea to replace Whitner but are looking for groom someone for the future. Ward is very good in coverage and one of the better athletes at his position in the draft. He is on the smaller size for a SS and needs to work on his tackling and run support defense. I think the Bethea signing shows that the 49ers covet coverage skills over a big hitter. They draft for value and grab Ward. They are also done drafting secondary players in this draft.

Round 3 Pick #94- Bashaud Breeland - CB Clemson

If Donte Moncrief is still available at #77 I think that they snatch him up, (this would change the next pick as well), but, I don't think he makes it to #77. So, they address the defense again. Center seems to be a popular pick here for the 49ers but I think they like what they have in Kilgore and wait to address that position later on in the draft. They instead address the secondary position yet again. Who knows what Chris Culliver will do next and losing Tarell Brown and Carlos Rogers leaves a lot of holes at CB. Pairing Verrett with Breeland will make the CB position a strength for this team a long time to come. Breeland is athletic and is very fluid in coverage. Not afraid to come up and help in run support. Led his team in passes defended and interceptions as a junior in 2013, earning Second Team All-ACC honors.

Round 3 Pick #100- Dri Archer- WR/PR/KR Kent State

The 49ers need to add playmakers a the WR position and Dri Archer fits the bill. He will man the slot position and also provide big help in the return game which right now lacks big play potential. He is on the smaller side but I think he will be able to hold up in the NFL and be able to make big plays after the catch. They are satisfied this year with having Boldin and Crabtree as their #1 and #2 and will wait until next years draft to grab a potential #1 WR.

Round 4 Pick #129- Lamin Barrow- ILB LSU

Bowman will miss a few games this year and the 49ers need depth at the position. Barrow is an instinctive linebacker who is a sure tackler. Had adequate enough athleticism to cover on passing downs. Needs to be more aggressive when he plays but I think the 49ers are able to grab a pretty good LB in the 4th round. The experience he will get playing early on while Bowman is out will pay huge dividends for the 49ers later on in the season.

Round 5 Pick #170- Ryan Carrethers- DT ASU-Jonesboro

The 49ers need a DT that can eat up blockers and let our LB's make plays. Having Ian Williams back and healthy will be a big help for our defense and Dorsey filled in well last year but I think they still need to address the position. Carrethers is crazy strong and will be able to hold his own in the trenches. Will be great in run support and will keep blockers off of the LB's so that they are free to do what they do best and that's make plays

Round 7 # 242- Jeff Janis- WR Saginaw Valley-

He is big (6ft 3in) and has some blazing speed (ran 40 yd dash in 4.4sec) to go along with it. A very raw route runner who needs to work on being more consistent catching the ball. Is a good prospect to try and develop. Could potentially be a red zone threat later on down the line.

Round 7 # 243-Gabe Ikard- Center Oklahoma

Round 7 # 245- Connor Shaw- QB South Carolina

3rd string guy who could potentially develop into a back up in the league. A tough player who was a winner in college and is a pretty good athlete. I think he has the competitive drive that Harbaugh likes to see in his QB's

I have the 49ers only trading once in this mock draft but I think they will be one of the more active teams in the draft when it comes to trades. Have done a great job of stockpiling future picks in past drafts and I could see them doing that once again this year. Also, since they have just a few holes to fill they might trade up to insure that they get the guys they really want.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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