Golden Nuggets: There Goes That Man Again

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Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet

Trent Baalke is a man with a plan and he is really good at executing his plan. This past draft weekend highlighted exactly his ability to identify needs for the team and find a solution for that need. Every need the 49ers had was addressed this weekend. The secondary had needs and he drafted a player with the ability to be a ball hawk. He needed a WR and he waits one day for the Bills to trade their top WR for a 4th round draft pick next year. Frank Gore is on the wrong side of the hill for a running back. He drafts the RB most analysts believe to be the best player at his position and he fits the 49ers mold as a tough runner. He even has made it a yearly tradition to draft players that are injured, but could be big contributors in a year’s time.

Most draft analysts have given the 49ers one of the best grades out of all the NFL teams. While we don't know how those players will actually play until they hit the field this season, Baalke made picks that should keep the team in Super Bowl contention this year as well as keep the team in contention for the following seasons. He is really good.

49ers Links

A look at why Shayne Skov went undrafted and how the NFL views Stanford (BASG)

The Stanford product should be a solid contributor for the team | Niners Sign Skov (Williamson)

Cuts To Make Room For Undrafted Players (Inman)

Crabtree, Johnson, Boldin. That's a starting receiving corp I like | Johnson Passes Physical (Maiocco)

As much as I like Crabtree, I think he will be a numbers casualty | Crabtree Contract Situation (Rose)

Baalke Admires Long Arms (Barrows)

Veterans Affected By The Draft (Williamson)

Harbaugh Congratulates Draft Picks (Pentis)

He should be a valuable player in the secondary |Jimmie Ward-Ball Hawk (Kegley)

Draft Picks Tweets (Bonilla)

Receiving Corps Improved (Williams)

Veterans Feeling The Heat (Maiocco)

Thanks Alex! You turned into possible valuable picks | Alex Smith Turns Into 5 Players (Patra)

It's been a good offseason. Now let's get to the season already | Offseason Scorecard (Williamson)

Draft Grades (49ers Staff)

Aldon's Court Date Pushed Back (Maiocco)

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