Welcome to the McDropsicles Hatewagon! (Meeting One: The President Has Spoken!)

So in 2013 we we lost a valued member of the 49ers organization, and a fan favorite, to free agency. Delanie Walker was a polarizing figure for many NN members. He was a sixth round pick back in 2006 (pick #175). He had worked his way up the depth chart with his freakishly athletic prowess only to find himself as a second option behind stalwart Vernon Davis.

A lot of NN members focused solely on the drops in evaluating Delanie. But in reality, he was a Swiss Army knife to the team that has not been replaced. He could line up at many positions and provided a veteran versatility to the offense that was hard to replace. If a FB went down, D-Lay was there. If a WR went down, D-Lay was there. He had seen it all and done it all. So his departure was sad amongst a lot of longtime 49ers fans.

As an aside, his departure was even more sad emotionally because of what happened to his family following the Super Bowl. Personally I was in attendance and could easily imagine how this would have happened given the atmosphere at the time. In the morning following the game, Walker's aunt and uncle were killed by a drunk driver. Five hours after Walker played in Super Bowl XLVII. The tragedy motivated Walker to speak out against drunk driving, and support laws requiring the installation of an ignition interlock device for first-time DUI offenders. 49ers players and fans rallied around him to support him at this time.

Once free agency hit Delanie left San Francisco, understandably, for a bigger contract in Tennessee. San Francisco was now left to ponder their options for a TE2. With a plethora of draft picks this seemed an easy task. So in the second round of the 2013 draft, Trent "Ninja" Baalke targeted Vance McDonald with the 55th pick of the draft (A full 120 picks before his predecessor).

Niners fans were hopeful that McDonald could make up for Delanie's drop factor and in turn, be a solid quality TE2 in the process. Unfortunately what they were met with was a rookie campaign filled with drops and one horrible, horrible tripping when in chase of a pass. All in all he finished the season a miserable second tight end and leaving us to question our future and doubt the abilities of one Vance McDonald.

Some people would have you believe that his one play against a certain Mr. Richard Sherman makes up for all the deficiencies he has had over the course of a season. Here is where I ask you fellow Haters, refute that! Say that we want better! We deserve better! We do not want to settle for a TE2 that is incompetent, irrelevant and indecent. This guy can't stay on his feet for a full play much less catch a critical pass! He is horrible. He is mismatched. He is a bust. And he needs to go.

I hereby nominate myself the President of the Vance McDropsicles Hatewagon Club! Me and my followers will relish in all the mistakes that a certain one Mr. McDropsicles will give to us. If he succeeds, we will make excuses why he did and explain how it was really not his doing. If he fails, we will relish in it's glory. If he goes to Arizona and gets a bunch of guns....well we might just step away for that one. But still come here and fell free to spread the hate. We want him to fail! We need him to fail!




This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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