Final Draft Picks from 2014 SB Nation Community Mock Draft

22 – CB Jason Verrett, TCU - moved up to pick 22 in order to take one of the top CBs. We felt there would be a run on CBs in the 20s and we wanted to be on top of it. We were right. We were torn between Verrett and Fuller. In the end, the slight advantage we gave Verrett was his speed and ability to handle the great slot receivers in the Division (Harvin, Austin, and even Arizona took Herron in this draft). We could have gone with Fuller and been just as happy.

53 – WR Jordan Matthews, Vanderbilt - moved up again to be able to take one of the second tier WRs. We again felt there would be a run on them and we might not get Matthews, who was our desired pick here. We are very happy with this pick. Matthews can come in and immediately have an impact with his speed and strength. He is strong enough to break away from press coverage. We were tempted to try to get Latimer from Indiana with this pick. But last minute video reviews shows Latimer has SOME issues (i.e. - against Michigan St.) with press coverage as we'll see a great deal of in our division.

61 – DE/OLB Kareem Martin, North Carolina - This was the best of the hybrid DE/OLB we saw outside the 1st round. He's a Baalke type of player...tough, fast motor and long arms. He'll project to be a speed edge rusher on passing situations his first year. He is big enough (271 lbs) that he could grow into a solid DE to mirror Tank Carradine in the coming years.

94 – CB Jaylen Watkins, Florida - With such a very strong class of CBs, Watkins was one of a very large third tier of CBs. We already took one of the top tier CBs (Verrett), but we honestly needed two CBs in this draft. We can see extending Culliver and having him, Brooks, Verrett, Watkins and Morris as our CB group of 2015 and beyond.

100 – OG Brandon Thomas, Clemson - He'll red shirt (NFI) this season. He was projected to be a top 40 pick before his injury. This is our potential steal in the draft. If he recovers he could be a legitimate replacement for Iupati post 2014

162 – WR Jeff Janis, Saginaw Valley St. - There were opportunities to perhaps go for a WR like Huff or Herron or such. Fortunately we didn't have to face that decision because they were gone when Janis came up. Janis brings elite speed, very good hands, size and incredible route running skills. If he had played for a top school, he might have been a top 50 pick. We feel incredibly fortunate to have taken him here. Love the thought of resigning Crabtree and having a long term WR group (post Boldin) of Crabs, Patton, Matthews, Janis and Saunders

194 – S Dezmen Southward, Wisconsin - Incredible athlete. Didn't get to do anything at the Combine because there was something that showed up in his medical exam. It turned out to be nothing, but they don't take chances at the Combine. He did get to perform at his Pro-Day and he was incredible. He ran 3 sub 4.4 forties. He looked just as terrible in all the other drills. He's big, strong, athletic and interviews very intelligent and articulate.

243 – QB Jeff Mathews, Cornell - Logan Thomas was a target, but he went a bit too early for us. Mathews is incredibly intelligent and very athletic. He's broken numerous records at Cornell and should have the athleticism and intelligence to learn our system and become a good back up.

245 – C Corey Linsley, Ohio - Although we'd have liked to have taken a Center earlier, circumstances didn't permit it. Linsley is a little light (297 lbs), but very good football IQ and with perhaps 15-20 lbs he could become a very proficient back up at center.


Morgan Breslin OLB USC - first round talent...had a bad year. PS him and let him regain his game.
Tyler Gaffney RB Stanford - great inside runner
James Morris ILB Iowa ILB is probably the weakest position in this draft class...Morris is tough and could become a good ST player.
Jalen Saunders WR Oklahoma - Surprised to see him here. Could push LMJ on return duties.
Blake Annen TE Cincinnati - sleeper TE with good hands and good blocking skills...needs refinement

If you want to see the entire draft, let me know, I can post it.

Although I am prepared for criticisms, please bear in mind this is process took several days of prep and was run over two days at about 7 hours each day. Its a lot of work, especially for two people (me and Poldarn) who don't do this professionally. Although I want to hear your critiques, please be nice.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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