The Whole 49 Yards Vol. 3

In this volume, I won't be "all over the map," but focused on my musing on the upcoming draft that is scheduled to take place real soon to the relief of insomniac 49er fans.

Since it is 1:55am in the morning, I am going to make this fanpost a brief one, so I can go to bed and dream about Dennis Brown announcing the 49er trade-ups or trade-downs (trade-ups preferably), with his huge frame ushering in his bellowing vocal cords shuddering opposing GMs with "The 49ers traded down to no. 17 for..." matter-of-fact truth.

If I am wrong, at least I won't be with Brown's defensive end's deep voice that can strike fear with quarterbacks, and on the Draft Day podium. Truth be told. The microphone will be in for a long day, and the recipients of the volume turned up to.

With the 17th pick in a trade with the Ravens (a brotherly token of love and Ozzie's respect for the sibling relationship between head coaches), the 49ers will snap up Odell Beckham, Jr. Not the pro soccer player who sells generic over-the-counter colognes, but the LSU wide receiver who is as shifty as the no. 3 WR slot in the draft, shifted up there from the second-tier list, which includes WRs such as Davante Adams, who was once a 49er man crush thing during a visit to 49er headquarters.

Just kidding about the man crush thing, Adams was just one of the prospects the 49ers brought in for a visit.

After Beckham, the 49ers will skip no. 56, having given up the pick in the trade with Ravens and trade back from no. 61 one pick to no. 62 for Center Weston Richburg as USC's Marcus Martin will be long gone before then.

With the no. 77 pick , they trade back to no. 80 for LB Jeremiah Attaochu, and trade up to no. 93 from 94 for cornerback Aaron Colvin, who will figure to be a project for the 49ers in adding to the prospect-hungry secondary.

As the clock ran out on me, I will head to bed and not predict past no. 100.

Hey wait a minute, what about Jimmy Garoppolo? What of him and how early will he be picked? That is one I will monitor closely on draft day, no offense to our beloved Kaepernicking champion, Colin Kaepernick.

It's always a good thing to keep all of our players on their toes, including the man of house at Levi's Stadium.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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