NFCW Preview from the eyes of a delusional reporter

Seattle Seahawks

Sherman, aka Medua Head, is an elite corner in the NFL. With rare shut down abilities, a mere glance from Medusa Head has the capability of shutting down explosive wide receivers. Drafted in the 5th round by PED Program Coordinator, Pete Carroll, Sherman has developed quite nicely for the regime. The self proclaimed Legion of Boom enter year 4 together, but without former juicer Brandon Browner and Thurmond. Despite the improved play of Maxwell and the emergence of Kam-ET, the Seahawks will look for more help in the coming years to bolster the already fierce secondary.



Two months removed from a night course in Anger Management, Jim Harbaugh will enter his 4th year as a NFL coach. The falsified reports by the media has crucified boys scout leader Aldon Smith and fellow swagstar Colin Kaepernick in recent months. Surrounded by controversy, the team will be a target for up and coming teams, noticeably divisional rivals such as the St. Louis Rams and the always fierce, Arizona Cardinals. Although the team will be stacked at nearly every position, fans are still angry about Alex Smith's departure last year. Darren Lowinski, a die hard fan from the Petaluma grocery outlet, criticized the team's roster moves,claiming "Jim Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick's personality will be the end of the team." He went on to say the arrival of Harbaugh and Kaepernick has pushed the team out of his beloved city. "They're taking everything away from me" he screamed hysterically while he asked for my ID as I bought a pack of Newports. Although he was unclear about the reasons for the team's demise, his worried expression begs the question, "Is there trouble in SC?"



Michael Sam's addition to the St. Louis Rams has brought tremendous change for the once respectable team. The young defensive player will have trouble cracking the starting lineup on a stacked team, but his effort and dedication has caught the attention of teammates. "He's a great guy. Never gives up on the play and plays to the whistle. Sometimes the coaches have to come and pull him off guys 7-8 seconds after the play" said Bradford, as his eyes wandered behind me. Jeff Fisher was not available for comment, but defensive coordinator Greg Williams denounced a recent rumor about painting the locker room pink in support of Michael Sam. "Fuck that" Williams said before going off to his third lunch of the day"



Bruce Arians jogged toward Carson Palmer following another INT to a undrafted free agent, who is simply known as #42. Asked about his signal caller's progress, Arians was quick to compliment Palmer on his work ethic. "Despite making bad plays, he always gets up and continues to fight for more yards." Guard Cooper, who missed last year due to a season ending injury, had the opportunity to study Palmer from the bench. "The guy is fearless. He would throw an interception two or three series straight, stalling the team in the redzone, but he would continually get back up and discuss his mistakes. Some QBs just mope on the sidelines but not Palmer" It will be up to Palmer if the Cardinals want to compete in the NFCW this year. With Daryl Washington missing the year for his failed drug test, and the addition of Craig Dahl int he first round, the Cardinals stellar defense will be relying on the gritty veteran to pick up the slack. "Palmer's unique. He'll be entering his 10th year in the league this year and I think he finally has it figured out. He threw a career high 22 interceptions last year. It seems as if he knows exactly where the defenders are now," claimed Floyd. With his uncanny accuracy to the opposition, star receiver Larry Fitzgerald was injured while practicing tackling drills. "You never know when you have to tackle a defender who has intercepted a ball. Coach has us practicing for all possible scenarios." Fitzgerald left practice early and waved goodbye to the team's playoff chances.



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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