Caption This! Round #2

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back for the second round of the Caption This! contest. The last round ran just short of four days, and had some really great participation and humor. The final tally had first and second place finishers neck and neck throughout the entire contest. For the rest of you, fear not though, there's always time to make up for lost ground if your caption was a stinker.

Our winner was user sonuvafitch, with 27 rec's for:

"This is my leg. There are many like it but this one is mine."

Our second and third place winners were sffanforlife (25 recs) and papa.gomes (17 recs). Dishonorable mention goes to "12th boy" Andrew E for his 0 rec'd pithy behavior.

Username Points Rounds Won
sonuvafitch 27 1
sffanforlife 25
papa.gomes 17
Old Faithful (but not that old) 12
Germinator 7
MisterEclectic 4
toolenduso 4
nischwartz 3
EFordLA 3
$20 on Joe vs Dan 3
Burnin Davis 3
Bowman's Revenge 3
mcwagner 2
Btopbob 2
FiveAlarmFreddy 2
FanBelge 2
Liquid Panthose 2
C'monNiners 1
Niner1977 1
CDM49er 1
reedkrase 1
nevadaniner 1
Chernovasaurus 1
BigMar 1
spirit_of_the_niners 1
ritisaniner 1
Big.Red.Rathman 1
UnnecessaryBuffness 1
Andrew E 0


1. One caption per entrant please! Take a few minutes and really craft it. If you have another one that you're dying to post, set it as a reply to your first one. This rule isn't terribly strict, just a guideline to make life easier on me.

2. The currency for this contest will be Rec's. There is no limit on how many posts you Rec. Each new round will include the winning submission from the previous round. Each round will be 4-5 days.

3. At the end of the contest (10-15 rounds, to be decided based on participation), the winner will be decided by TOTAL RECs. In instances where a user submitted multiple captions in a single round, the highest Rec total for a single submission will be applied towards the running total. The prize is bragging rights, which obviously is worth it's weight in gold on the internet.

4. Site Decorum applies 100%, that means no foul language, verbal harassment, and off-color jokes ought to be weighed heavily before posting.

On to Round #2! Good luck, yall.


Credit: Gary A. Vasquez - USA Today Sports.

Links to the past - Round 1 -

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