Are Vernon Davis and Alex Boone looking at Frank Gore type hold outs?


Word out of each camp is that Vernon Davis and Alex Boone will not be in Santa Clara when the 49ers start training camp. What does all of this mean?

Saturday morning, Matt Maiocco tweeted that Alex Boone was not expected to report to training camp without a new contract. A day later, Pro Football Talk reported that "at the present time", Vernon Davis was also not expected to report on time.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that, at the present time, Davis would not be reporting.  That doesn't mean he won't show; with nine days to go, Davis can change his mind and change it back again a few times or more before the time comes to report for duty.

Davis can indeed change his mind, and given how his holdout has gone, I'd fully anticipate that he changes his mind at least two or three times over the next week and a half. Nobody knows what will happen with Vernon's holdout, least of all Vernon!

It would not surprise me at all if one or both of these guys was absent when veterans are due to report on July 23. However, I now wonder whether one or both returns within a few days (or a week or two), in a manner similar to Frank Gore's holdout. Back in 2011, Frank Gore was absent from the start of training camp, but reported a few days in. By the end of the month he had a new contract.

The 49ers want their players in camp if they are going to negotiate a new deal, and we saw that with Gore. Of course, Drew Rosenhaus, Gore's agent, has generally been a guy who wants to get his players into camp and work from there. Other agents are more inclined to go the holdout route, which we've seen with Boone's agents (Jonathan Feinsod, Neil Schwartz). They have guys like Darrelle Revis and Vincent Jackson who were willing to push back to force some action.

We've had plenty of discussion about what a lengthy holdout could mean for Alex Boone. I think they reach a middle ground and figure something out, but if Boone is looking for top of the line guard money, we may not see him until Week 12 of the regular season. If he's looking to cash in, but is willing to take less to get a deal done, something could get done.

I think we're more likely to see Vernon Davis in camp before the regular season starts, but he also has been all over the place in his handling of this holdout. I suppose that could mean we really know even less because he's so unpredictable at this point. Who really knows. The 49ers veterans are due to report on July 23, and then the $30,000 clock really starts for each player. I'm skeptical either is in camp on the 23rd, but it's kind of a volatile situation for now, so who really knows.

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