49ers Film Breakdown

Joe Looney film breakdown

A user takes a look at Joe Looney's performance against the Baltimore Ravens in the 49ers preseason opener.

Chris Borland game tape breakdown


The San Francisco 49ers, somewhat unexpectedly, invested a third-round pick in linebacker Chris Borland. We go to the tape and examine what Borland brings to the 49ers' defense.

Marcus Martin game tape breakdown


The San Francisco 49ers went back to the offensive line well and invested a third-round pick in center Marcus Martin. Pegged as the 49ers' center of the future, we go to the tape to find out what...

Bruce Ellington game tape breakdown


The San Francisco 49ers invested a fourth round pick in wide receiver Bruce Ellington. Based on some film review, he has areas to improve, but has some big upside.

Jimmie Ward game tape breakdown


The San Francisco 49ers invested a first round pick in defensive back Jimmie Ward. Based on some film review, it's hard to find fault with this decision.

GIF Breakdown of Dee Ford and the Other Top DE/OLB


With the uncertainty surrounding Aldon Smith the 49ers could be in the market for a new OLB and players like Dee Ford could be in the discussion for the 30th pick.

Colin Kaepernick: Film breakdown and his contract

Originally posted on You Make The Calls - see the full post here. First, let's get the obvious out of the way: the 49ers have to extend starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Not only is he a...

Where Kap attempted passes during the playoffs

User G-49er breaks down all the locations where Colin Kaepernick attempted passes during the 2014 NFL playoffs.

What should the 49ers expect from Bethea?


San Francisco replaced Donte Whitner with Antoine Bethea at safety on the opening day of free agency. What type of the player are the 49ers getting in the former Colt? We take an All-22 look at...

Kaepernick-Boldin game-charting

One user breaks down the connection between Colin Kaepernick and Anquan Boldin with some game-charting.


Colin Kaepernick, phantom routes and designed runs


An in depth analysis using All-22 film of how the 49er receivers ran phantom routes to position themselves to block for Kaepernick's 58 yard scramble in the NFC Championship game.

All 22 Breakdown of the 49ers loss to the Seahawks


An in depth analysis using all 22 film of how the 49ers came up short in the quest to return to the Super Bowl

NFCCG: The plays that changed the game


The 49ers came up mere inches short of returning to the Super Bowl. We break down the gory, painful details from the NFC Championship's most pivotal plays.

Kaepernick, passing game must be the difference


The 49ers and Seahawks will meet for the first time ever in the playoffs on Sunday for the right to play for the ultimate prize. We break down everything you need to know about the NFC Championship...

Adjustments in the passing game key 49ers victory


San Francisco's offense got off to another rough start against a stingy Carolina defense, but some key adjustments in the passing game made all the difference.

All-22 of Boldin's dominance against Carolina


An in depth breakdown using All 22 footage of how Anquan Boldin lit up the Panthers for 136 yards because of their focus on Michael Crabtree and the other 49er offensive weapons.

Breaking down Aldon Smith's big game


After a shaky return from his five-game absence early in the season, Aldon Smith is playing some of the best football of his career. We break down his performance against the Packers and show why...

What to expect from Carolina's run game


Much like the 49ers, the Panthers rely heavily on their rushing attack on offense. What can we expect to see on Sunday from the Panthers' fourth ranked ground game?

How did the Panthers shut down Kaepernick?


The Panthers' defense put the shackles on Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers' offense in Week 10. We take a look at the Panthers' game plan to see how they did it.

All 22 Breakdown of 49ers Secondary Woes


An in depth look at the 49ers secondary struggles against the Cardinals and what it means going forward against Green Bay

Breaking down Bowman's monster performance


The NFC's reigning Defensive Player of the Month closed out the regular season with another stellar performance. We break down NaVorro Bowman's big game against the Cardinals.

What's wrong with the 49ers short-yardage offense?


San Francisco's short-yardage offense has been among the worst in the league this season. We take a look at what's plaguing the 49ers in these situations.

How did the Packers shut down the 49ers run game?


San Francisco's running game was completely shut down when they faced Green Bay in the season opener. We look at what went wrong and try to figure out whether we should expect more of the same when...

Willis and Bowman tackle the Falcons


Despite the 49ers' worst defensive performance in two months, Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman showed why they're the best inside linebackers in football on Monday night against the Falcons.

All-22 Preview of the Falcon's Offense


An in depth preview using All-22 film of the Falcons offense as they are set to travel to Candlestick on Sunday.

49ers creative run game returns


With teams loading up the box, the 49ers' run game had become stale and ineffective. Against the Bucs, we saw the creativeness San Francisco's run game had made its name for return.

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