49ers Front Office

Can 49ers Overcome The Chaos?

As unfavorable arrests and internal discord continue to mount, the San Francisco 49ers find themselves digging a hole that gets bigger by the minute. Is it too deep to crawl out of?

Passing on Jackson is a win for the 49ers

Yes, it would have made for an interesting storyline, but abstaining from signing DeSean Jackson aligns with the 49ers' philosophy and best interest.

Not Extending Harbaugh Would Be Monumental Mistake

As this nightmarish scenario continues to churn through the rumor mill, let's take a look at why the 49ers would make the biggest mistake in franchise history if they don't do right by Jim Harbaugh.

Trent Baalke, 49ers issue statement on Michael Sam

49ers GM Trent Baalke issued a statement on behalf of the 49ers regarding Michael Sam and his decision to discuss his sexual orientation. We break down what it means.

The Crabtree Conundrum: Should he stay or go?

Assessing the former first rounder’s value as he enters a contract year.

Paraag Marathe, Al Guido promoted in front office

The 49ers have made a couple moves in their front office, as team president Gideon Yu announces he is stepping down.

49ers team physician passes away

The 49ers team physician and medical director passed away Wednesday evening. We look at some of his work.

Baalke screwed up, but that's OK

Trent Baalke made a bad move when he made A.J. Jenkins a first-round pick, but that doesn't make him any less of a great general manager.

Scout Justin Chabot gets some praise

NFP put together a look at some of the top scouts in the NFL. The 49ers had one such scout included.

49ers announce front office promotions

The 49ers announced several front office promotions on Wednesday. We take a look at what the changes mean.


Paraag Marathe talking football analytics

Earlier this year, 49ers COO Paraag Marathe appeared on a football analytics panel at the 2013 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. We've come across some video of the panel.

Front office facelift

The 49ers turnaround after years of mediocrity has been nothing short of remarkable. We take a look at the 49ers rise from the dark days of Terry Donahue to the glory of Trent Baalke.

Jim Harbaugh and the "Honey Badger"

We discuss the connection between Jim Harbaugh, the San Francisco 49ers and the "Honey Badger."

Who the 49ers should really trade for...

With the free agent period on the horizon, we discuss the possibility of the San Francisco 49ers trading for Devin Hester.

Nnamdi Watch 2013

According to sources, Eagles All-Pro cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha could be on his way out in Philadelphia.

What Cullen Jenkins' visit with the 49ers means

Former Eagles and Packers defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins is visiting with the San Francisco 49ers on Tuesday. We discuss what it could mean.

49ers do not use franchise tag in 2013

According to Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle, the 49ers will not use the franchise tag in 2013.

Paraag Marathe talks shop at Sloan

We take a look at 49ers COO Paraag Marathe's involvement in the 2013 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.


The new breed of sports owner

We take a look at some Forbes video discussing the new breed of owners, with a look at the 49ers among others.

An in-depth look at the 49ers draft process

As we approach the 2013 NFL Draft, we get an up-close look at the San Francisco 49ers' draft process with National Scout Matt Malaspina.

Exploring the San Francisco 49ers' next move

With the impending trade of Alex Smith, we discuss what the San Francisco 49ers should do with their 15 draft picks.

Trent Dilfer is a Trent Baalke fan

Former 49ers QB Trent Dilfer had plenty of positives for both sides in the 49ers trade of Alex Smith to the Chiefs. His love of Trent Baalke may know no bounds.

What the 49ers want out of the Alex Smith deal

With Alex Smith's pending trade from San Francisco, we discuss his market value and what the 49ers hope to achieve.

Jim Harbaugh eying USC wide out Robert Woods?

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh spoke to TV49 about the draft process and WR Robert Woods.

Tavon Austin in Round 1?

After an eventful weekend at the combine, we discuss the fit between the San Francisco 49ers and WR Tavon Austin.

Will San Francisco convert another NFL prospect?

As we look toward the 2013 NFL Draft, we explore whether or not the 49ers should convert another player.

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