49ers GIFs

Aaron Lynch finding his role with the 49ers


Some teams were not willing to gamble on Aaron Lynch, but the 49ers felt their locker room would afford the structure needed for him to thrive. Lynch has gained 30 pounds and is showing great...

LMJ puts on a blocking display


49ers RB LaMichael James was back in the fold on Sunday, getting his first snaps of the preseason. James did a lot of work as a return man and running back, with his greatest success coming in pass...

Quinton Patton celebrates a big play


49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton had a big 3rd down conversion on Sunday. At the end of the play he lost his helmet. He quickly got up though and let loose a little celebration.

Trent Baalke does Challenge, Jim Harbaugh next?


Trent Baalke took part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We've got a GIF and an update on Pete Carroll's NFC West challenge.

I can watch this GIF all day


I thought this would make for a fun open thread. Earlier this week, somebody posted the Ahmad Brooks leap GIF in the comments, and it inspired me to create an open thread with that as the picture. ...

GIF breakdown of El Guapo


An in depth scouting report with GIF analysis of new 49er running back Carlos Hyde

Harbaugh talks Jeremy Lane sideline collision


49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh had a chance to discuss Seahawks gunner Jeremy Lane's sideline collision during Sunday's NFC Championship Game. We've got a GIF and a transcript of Harbaugh's thoughts...

Dawson FG almost blocked, but there was offsides


The 49ers won on a last second field goal by Phil Dawson. It was almost blocked, but it is worth noting there was an offsides flag on the play.

Gore with a huge block to key Kap run


Frank Gore and Colin Kaepernick keyed the 49ers first touchdown drive against the Packers. We take a look at a key block on the play that got the 49ers into Packers territory.

The General emerges!


The 49ers discovered a new weapon in their win over the Arizona Cardinals. Rookie wide receiver Quinton Patton had a big day, as he emerged in time for the playoffs.


What exactly perturbed Jim Harbaugh late in MNF?


Jim Harbaugh was displeased about something involving an official late in Monday's win. Any ideas what it was?

Eric Reid shows off his instincts


49ers free safety Eric Reid has generally been viewed as a smart football player. He showed off his instincts in sealing the 49ers win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Special teams puts together complete effort


The 49ers handled their business against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, winning 33-14 in Week 15. The special teams units put together more strong performances. We take a look at three big performers.

VD runs into a wall


We take a look at Vernon Davis' touchdown that resulted in him running into the wall.

Frank Gore has a significant football IQ


Frank Gore made a very wise decision late in Sunday's win over the Seattle Seahawks. We break down the specific play the 49ers running back made that was a key to victory.

Donte Whitner was flagged for THAT?


We've got some GIFs, along with Donte Whitner's post-game reaction to a seemingly bogus penalty.

What is Garth DeFelice saying to Jim Harbaugh?


Earlier today, we said this officiating crew had some serious question marks in their recent history. Well, this crew is off to a rather inauspicious start. We saw time run off the clock on an...

Honest Abe fires up Jim Harbaugh


Jim Harbaugh thinks that Abraham Lincoln riding across the field with a frock, top hat and American flag will fire some folks up. Well, we've got a GIF. You fired up?

Fake punt flub, Davis leapfrog key 49ers surge


The 49ers controlled their 23-13 win over the Rams for most of the game, but really pulled away on a series of plays to start the fourth quarter.

Vernon Davis tackled by the...ummm....


As a man, there's nothing funny about this. As a man with the occasional sense of humor of  14-year old, the Twitter responses to this play were kind of amazing. You can feel free to ignore this,...

Davis with crazy leapfrog over Rams defender


The San Francisco 49ers lead the Rams 3-0 after this first quarter, and this is probably the highlight of the quarter. Colin Kaepernick dropped back with defenders in his place and Vernon Davis was...

What to expect of Smith, Brooks today


Kellen Clemens isn't sacked that often, but the San Francisco 49ers have Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks. Should be interesting!

Ahmad Brooks' hit on Drew Brees


We take a look at the hit on which Ahmad Brooks drew a personal foul.

Ahmad Brooks put on a show in Week 10


49ers OLB Ahmad Brooks put on quite a performance in Week 10 against the Carolina Panthers. We break down how he was the 49ers top dog.

49ers break out Big Sleeper


The 49ers opened up the playbook in their Week 8 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. We break down Big Sleeper.

Breaking down another Willis forced fumble


We take a look, once again, at Patrick Willis forcing a fumble. This time, it's against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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