Trent Baalke After The Jim Harbaugh Hire


The promotion of Trent Baalke saw a decent reception when it first happened, now we take a look at the promotion following the hiring of Jim Harbaugh.

Jim Harbaugh 49ers Press Conference: Clearing Up Misconceptions


We take a look at some of the minor revelations in the Jim Harbaugh/Trent Baalke/49ers press conference transcript.

Jim Harbaugh 49ers Press Conference: This Is A Confident Man


We take a look at the clear confidence of new 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Jim Harbaugh Hired By 49ers: Live Press Conference


We take a look at Jim Harbaugh's press conference coming up at 3:30 and potential questions we might hear. We also provide room for discussion of this big press conference.

Jim Harbaugh Signs 49ers Contract; It's Official!


Jim Harbaugh has officially signed the 49ers contract and is officially the new head coach!

Breaking: Jim Harbaugh Expected to Sign 5-Year Deal with 49ers!!


Jim Harbaugh reportedly is going to sign a 5-year deal with the 49ers. Let the insane reaction begin.

Jim Harbaugh Watch: Why He Might Choose Stanford Over The 49ers


We take a look at the reasons Jim Harbaugh might choose Stanford over the 49ers....and the single reason that might all be wrong.

Jim Harbaugh Watch: Jed York, 49ers vs. Stanford In A South Bay Steel Cage Showdown?


We take a look at the latest news about Stanford's competing bid against the 49ers for the services of Jim Harbaugh.

Miami Sticking With Tony Sparano, Jim Harbaugh Sticking With The Bay Area?


It appears as though Jim Harbaugh is no longer a candidate for the Miami Dolphins.

Jed York, Jim Harbaugh, Stephen Ross = Charlie Brown, The Football, Lucy


We take a look at Jed York's comments about money not being an issue and how it has backfired on him in the 49ers attempts to woo Jim Harbaugh.


Jim Harbaugh Not With Steve Ross At The Moment?!


Why not - another thread for the Jim Harbaugh and 49ers head coach nonsense.

The Jim Harbaugh Saga Continues


Yet another thread for the discussion of Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers head coach position.

It Looks Like Jim Harbaugh Is Going To Miami


It appears as though Jim Harbaugh is going to sign with the Miami Dolphins.

Jim Harbaugh, Steve Ross, Jed York: 49ers Head Coach Search Menage-A-Trois Of Pain


We take a look at the financial aspects of the choice Harbaugh appears to face between the 49ers and Dolphins.

Jim Harbaugh Watch: Dolphins' Steve Ross And Sheer Desperation


We provide some news updates as reports surface that Dolphins owner Steve Ross is prepared to make a big offer to Jim Harbaugh.

Harbaughdly Anything To Work With At This Point


Yet another thread for the 49ers-Jim Harbaugh meeting.

49ers Courting Jim Harbaugh into the Dinner Hour


The San Francisco 49ers and Jim Harbaugh meet for hours on end in an effort to strike a deal to make Harbaugh the next head coach of the 49ers.

Jim Harbaugh Coach Watch: Where MC Hammer Has All The Credibility


Our Jim Harbaugh watch carries on to absurd levels.

Jim Harbaugh 49ers' Head Coach Watch: I Know A Guy Who Dated A Girl Who's Brother Thinks...


We take a look at the absurdity of the whole 49ers' Jim Harbaugh head coach watch.

49ers Head Coach Updates: Jim Harbaugh, Hue Jackson and John Elway?


The latest on the circus that is - the 49ers Head Coach Search - including updates about Jim Harbaugh, Hue Jackson and others tidbits.

49ers Head Coach Search: Jim Harbaugh and the Bill Walsh Factor


Jim Harbaugh and his staff at Stanford potentially bring with them to the 49ers the golden wisdom passed down to them by the late, great Bill Walsh.

Trent Baalke: Is Jim Harbaugh's Shoe Gonna Fall Hard And Heavy?


We take a brief look at the promotion of the 49ers' Trent Baalke into the GM role, and what this all means looking towards a potential Jim Harbaugh hiring.

49ers Make It Official: Name Trent Baalke General Manager


Baalke officially announced as head coach of the 49ers.

Report: Trent Baalke Named 49ers' GM, Per Team Source


Sources are reporting Trent Baalke has been named 49ers GM. We look at the impact on the Jim Harbaugh watch.

Breaking News: Trent Baalke Reportedly Receives 49ers GM Job


Trent Baalke has reportedly been named the General Manager of the San Francisco 49ers, per a league source (via David White, SF Chronicle)

Jim Harbaugh, Trent Baalke, And The Infamous "Trigger"


We take a look at the suggestions that Jim Harbaugh might be given a large amount of power to come run the 49ers.

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