49ers Quarterback

Kap talks playbook, Seahawks, holdouts


The San Francisco 49ers held their first media session of training camp on Wednesday. Colin Kaepernick had a chance to speak on a variety of topics. We've got the transcript.

Sando posts QB rankings: rabble rabble rabble


ESPN posted quarterback rankings with the help of 26 anonymous league insiders. This is sure to go well with fans!

Raw data on Colin Kaepernick passing by depth


Pro Football Focus has declared June "QB month", during which time they are providing a look at all sorts of raw data about quarterbacks. Here's a look at some of the raw data for Colin Kaepernick.

Kap talks about contract and negotiation "winning"


It has been almost three weeks since Colin Kaepernick agreed to terms on a six year contract extension with the San Francisco 49ers. During that time, we've seen a vast assortment of hot takes....

Kap talks Ellington, contract, Hyde


Colin Kaepernick met with the media Thursday afternoon following practice. He provided some insight into Bruce Ellington and Carlos Hyde's development, his own contract, and what he got out of...

Kory Faulkner seems destined for practice squad


The San Francisco 49ers have a plethora of quarterbacks at their disposal this offseason. Where could Kory Faulkner slot in once training camp wraps?

Looking at scrambling numbers and Kap's contract


The San Francisco 49ers have signed their franchise quarterback to a long-term deal. Can he protect himself as a runner through the life of the deal?

Looking at some other big name QB contracts


The San Francisco 49ers locked up quarterback Colin Kaepernick to a 6-year extension. It's time to compare his contract with that of some other big name quarterbacks around the league.

A complete look at Kap's contract details


We've got all the details on Colin Kaepernick's contract, and how it stands compared to some others around the league. Kap would seem to have willingly sacrificed a bit for the greater good.


Yes, Kap is worth big bucks

I would say that the overwhelming majority of 49ers fans are happy with the Kap deal, especially with the contract flexibility it provides. Most pundits and sportswriters are of the opinion that...


BASG: Kaepernick, 49ers agree to 6-year extension


The San Francisco 49ers have reportedly agreed to terms on a 6-year contract extension with Colin Kaepernick. We break down what the initial news means.

Alex Smith contract situation remains on our radar


The Alex Smith contract situation could potentially have some influence on Colin Kaepernick's own contract negotiations. Of course, we don't quite know what exactly is what with Smith's...

Colin Kaepernick talks OTAs, WRs and more


San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick met with the media Wednesday afternoon following the team's OTA session. We've got a transcript for your reading pleasure. If you want to watch some...

When will Kap sign a contract extension?


The San Francisco 49ers will look to get Colin Kaepernick signed to a contract extension as soon as possible. It's time for a poll on when you think such a deal will happen.

Insert Jim Harbaugh QB carousel joke HERE


The 49ers signed quarterback Josh Johnson for the second time in three seasons. We take a look at Jim Harbaugh's constant fiddling with the end of the quarterback depth chart.

49ers sign Johnson, waive Tupou


The San Francisco 49ers have re-signed quarterback Josh Johnson, because they haven't signed a quarterback in like two days.

Kaepernick compared to some of the greatest QBs


Niners Nation took a quick look at how Kaepernick measures up against some of the best current/retired quarterbacks in the NFL.

How the 49ers "found" Kory Faulkner


The San Francisco 49ers are expected to sign undrafted quarterback Kory Faulkner. The story of how Jim Harbaugh found him is pretty cool.

Drafting a QB and Apathy


Let's be spoiled, people.

Harbaugh told Fales team will draft a QB next week


49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh reportedly told San Jose State quarterback David Fales that the team will draft a quarterback in the 2014 NFL Draft. We break down what it means.

NN chats with Steve Young


Steve Young has been working with Van Heusen and has created the "Achieve with Steve" program, where one lucky winner gets to shadow Young for a week and learn how to be more like the accomplished...

Do Pryor rumors, QB chatter mean much for draft?


The 49ers were reportedly in the mix for Terrelle Pryor before the Seattle Seahawks landed him for a seventh round pick. Does that mean anything for the 2014 NFL Draft? Probably not, but it's worth...

Colin Kaepernick: Film breakdown and his contract

Originally posted on You Make The Calls - see the full post here. First, let's get the obvious out of the way: the 49ers have to extend starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Not only is he a...

Kap and the notion of 'failed completions'


There is a lot of griping about Colin Kaepernick's failure to check down in many situations. We take a look at Football Outsiders' breakdown of failed completions, and how it applies to Kap.

Harbaugh, York chime in on Kap contract talks


Jim Harbaugh and Jed York have both chimed in on Colin Kaepernick's contract situation. All sides appear to want to get something done, but the structure will be interesting to follow.

49ers hope for Kap deal by training camp, derrr


In the least stunning news since the sun rose those morning, Trent Baalke said he hopes the 49ers can get a contract extension done with Colin Kaepernick by training camp.

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