49ers Season-In-Review

49ers 2013 position review: Cornerbacks

Exploring the position group player-by-player and predicting where things will net out in 2014 for San Francisco.

Chin up, Faithful; The 49ers Have Come a Long Way

If you're still wallowing in the misery of the NFC Championship game defeat, read on for some perspective on why you should hold your head high and be thankful that quality football is back in the Bay Area.

What Could've Been: A Look at 49ers' Castaways

There is turnover in the NFL every year. Each team loses players they would have liked to keep and sees some players they've rejected go on to play well. We take a look at all of those castaways and give you an idea of What Could've Been.


NN Podcast: Mid-season review

The podcast this week includes hosts Tre and Jason, along with special guest Jeff Deeney of Pro Football Focus as they break down the first-half of the 49ers 2013 year.

7 Through 7: What we know about the 2013 Niners

A look at the 49ers through the first seven games

49ers recent turmoil may help team long-term

How on Earth could the events that have transpired thus-far during the 49ers 2013 season actually help the team going forward?

What's wrong with the 49ers

What's the problem with the 49ers? Why are they regressing in the win/loss column as well as so many other areas?

Patrick Willis, Justin Smith and the turning point

Patrick Willis and Justin Smith reflect on the turning point for the San Francisco 49ers. Both men traced it back to 2011 in Philadelphia.

Highlights and Lowlights from Week 17

After the San Francisco 49ers (11-4-1) wrapped up the 2012 regular season, we discuss the positives and negatives of Week 17 and what it means going forward.

Defensive tandems highlight 49ers Pro Bowlers

With the Pro Bowl votes in, we breakdown the 49ers' defenders that were selected to go to Hawaii in 2012.


Kaepernick, James and the Read-Option

The San Francisco 49ers knocked off the Miami Dolphins in Week 14. We discuss the debut of the read-option tandem of Colin Kaepernick and LaMichael James.

San Francisco 49ers: Breaking Down the Best Defensive Three-and-Out in 2011

In this piece, we'll do a photo-by-photo breakdown of the best defensive three-and-out by the 49ers in 2011. To narrow it down, it came in a wild performance against the Saints in the 2011 Divisional Round.

2011 Season Recap, NFC Championship Game: 49ers Vs. Giants

In the conclusion of Niners Nation's season recap of the 49ers, we finish with the NFC Championship Game between San Francisco and New York.

2011 Season Recap, NFC Divisional Playoffs: 49ers Vs. Saints

We recap the 2012 NFC Divisional Playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints, an instant classic

2011 Season Recap, Week 17: 49ers @ Rams

We recap the Week 17 match-up between NFC West rival San Francisco 49ers and St. Louis Rams

2011 Season Recap, Week 16: 49ers @ Seahawks

We recap the 2011 Week 16 match-up between the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks in this NFC West battle

2011 Season Recap, Week 15: 49ers Vs. Steelers

We recap the 2011 NFL Week 15 match-up between the San Francisco 49ers and Pittsburgh Steelers

2011 Season Recap, Week 14: 49ers @ Cardinals

We recap the 2011 Week 14 match-up between the 49ers and Cardinals in this heated NFC West battle

2011 Season Recap, Week 13: 49ers Vs. Rams

We recap the 49ers vs. Rams match-up in Week 13 of the 2011 regular season

2011 Season Recap, Week 12: 49ers @ Ravens -- The Harbowl

We recap the 2011 Week 12 match between the 49ers and Ravens on Thanksgiving Day

2011 Season Recap, Week 11: 49ers Vs. Cardinals

We recap the 2011 Week 11 match-up between NFC West rival 49ers and Cardinals

2011 Season Recap, Week 10: 49ers Vs. Giants

We recap the 49ers and Giants regular season match up in 2011, when New York came to Candlestick Park in Week 10

2011 Season Recap, Week 9: 49ers @ Redskins

We continue our 2011 Season Recap with the 49ers at Redskins match up in Week 9

2011 Season Recap, Week 8: 49ers Vs. Browns

We do a quarter-by-quarter recap of the 2011 regular season match up between the 49ers and Browns in Week 8

2011 Season Recap, Week 6: 49ers @ Lions

We do a quarter-by-quarter breakdown of the 49ers at Lions game in the 2011 season

2011 Season Recap, Week 5: 49ers Vs. Buccaneers

We recap the 2011 Week 5 matchup between the 49ers and Buccaneers. A quarter-by-quarter breakdown of the game in it's entirety.

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