49ers Statistics - Previews and Reviews

49ers opponent preview, Part 2


In part two of our 2014 opponent preview, we examine the prospects of the Eagles, Chiefs, Rams and Broncos for the coming season.

49ers opponent preview, Part 1


In part one of our 2014 opponent preview, we examine the prospects of the Cowboys, Bears, and Cardinals for the coming season.

The Crabtree-Kaepernick Effect


A look at why extending Michael Crabtree is beneficial to the San Francisco 49ers, and vice versa.

49ers rushing success based on number of backs


The 49ers run the ball out of multiple-back formations more than any other team, but is that the best course of action? We examine San Francisco's rushing success based on the number of running...

What does the 2013 season tell us about 2014?


As our attention moves more and more towards the impending start of the regular season, we take a look back at the 49ers' 2013 results to see if there's anything we can learn about the team's...

Digging deeper into the 49ers' run-pass ratio


The 49ers are widely considered to be one of the most run-heavy teams in the NFL. Using data from Football Perspective, we delve a bit deeper into that notion and consider what that might mean for...

Raw data on Colin Kaepernick passing by depth


Pro Football Focus has declared June "QB month", during which time they are providing a look at all sorts of raw data about quarterbacks. Here's a look at some of the raw data for Colin Kaepernick.

Yep, the 49ers draft class was not so good


The San Francisco 49ers 2012 draft class has not turned out too well. We take a look at it from a slightly analytical perspective. Not that it tells us anything too different from what we already...

Looking at scrambling numbers and Kap's contract


The San Francisco 49ers have signed their franchise quarterback to a long-term deal. Can he protect himself as a runner through the life of the deal?

Quantitative look at the 49ers age in 2013

Inspired by Fooch's link to snap-weighted average age at football outsiders, I wanted to look at contribution-weighted average age. The first thing I did is see if there was any relationship...


Breaking down the 49ers' offensive personnel


Football Outsiders recently released their offensive personnel data for the 2013 season and the 49ers remain an anomaly among NFL teams. We break down the 49ers' preferred personnel groupings and...

Brandin Cooks leads FO's Playmaker Score


Football Outsiders unveiled their 2014 Playmaker Score to break down the current crop of wide receiver prospects. We break down what it all means.

Frank Gore: Looking back, looking ahead


San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore is entering the last year of his contract. He's put together an all-time career, but what can we expect in 2014?

Dynamic Duos: Do we have one?


We take a look at one list, and discuss what it could mean for the 2014 season.

Anquan Boldin and the slot


We take a look at a PFF piece on the league's best slot receivers and what it could mean for the 49ers

A return to form for Patrick Willis in 2014


For the majority of 2013, the perennial Pro-Bowl linebacker just wasn't quite himself. We take a look at what happened and what can we expect from no. 52 in the upcoming season.

Kap and the notion of 'failed completions'


There is a lot of griping about Colin Kaepernick's failure to check down in many situations. We take a look at Football Outsiders' breakdown of failed completions, and how it applies to Kap.


3rd down passing

I posted this in a comment earlier this morning, but I figured I'd post it here so that more people can see it: It's something I've noticed more as of late with Crabtree back, but Kaepernick is...

49ers vs. Packers: By the Numbers


It's playoff time. The 49ers are set to take on the Packers for a fourth time in the past 16 months. Can they manage a fourth consecutive victory? We take a by the numbers look at the upcoming Wild...

49ers vs. Falcons: By the Numbers


Much has changed since the 49ers met the Falcons in the NFC Championship game last season. Is there any reason to believe the struggling Falcons have a chance to ruin the final game at Candlestick?...

Reid and Goldson


With Dashon Goldson on the Bucs, it's time for us to be grateful for his time as a Niner, but even more hopeful about Eric Reid's future.

49ers vs. Buccaneers: By the Numbers


We get comfy in our mom's basement, pull out our spreadsheets and pocket protectors and give you an advanced stat preview of the 49ers upcoming match-up with the Buccaneers.

A basic look at advanced stats and the cornerbacks


I take a look at how our top three CBs did against the Seahawks.

49ers vs. Seahawks: By the Numbers


The 49ers are facing a Seahawks team that's playing like the best team in football. We take a look at the underlying numbers to see where the 49ers may be able to gain an advantage over their...

Statistical Review of Reid and Whitner


I review Donte Whitner's and Eric Reid's game against the St. Louis Rams.

Mario Manningham's Return


In light of Michael Crabtree's return, I take a look at Mario Manningham's.

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