49ers vs. Colts 2013: All You Need To Know About Week 3

All-22: Just Run the Dang Thing


We take a look at the All-22 coaches film of Frank Gore's success on the ground early against the Indianapolis Colts.

Breaking down the All-22 Footage of Sunday's Loss


A breakdown of the All-22 footage illustrating how Kaepernick's indecisiveness was the primary reason behind the 49ers poor offensive showing against the Colts.

49ers snap count vs. Colts


We break down the 49ers snap count report following their 27-7 loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

Why did the 49ers abandon the run?


The 49ers rushed the ball 16 times in the first half, and only seven times in the second half. Frank Gore was seen getting angry with Coach Harbaugh late in the game, but is that really a surprise?...

49ers postgame transcripts


The San Francisco 49ers suffered a brutal loss to the Colts on Sunday, and we've got the post game transcripts for the team as they discuss how to move forward.

Vernon Davis is INACTIVE


The San Francisco 49ers released their Week 3 inactive report, and 49ers tight end Vernon Davis is INACTIVE for the Colts game. We break down the implications.

Some potential options 49ers may be considering


The 49ers are figuring out what to do with Aldon Smith for Sunday's game against the Colts. We break down some of the latest reports.

49ers-Colts officiating crew


The 49ers and Colts will be officiated by Terry McAulay's crew on Sunday Night Football. We break down the crew, and the assignments for each member.

Radio, TV nuts and bolts for 49ers-Colts


The 49ers host the Indianapolis Colts in a fun matchup featuring numerous off-field storylines. The 49ers are ten point favorites. Read on for the nuts and bolts of today's game.

Predict the 49ers first offensive play, tackle, TD


Prediction time! What will the 49ers run as their first offensive play? What 49ers defender will secure the first tackle. How will the 49ers score their first touchdown?


7 on 7: 49ers, Colts, Seahawks


With so many random topics to cover, here are seven thoughts on last week's Seahawks game, and seven thoughts on this week's Colts game.

Vernon Davis: Game time decision


The 49ers are looking at a game time decision with tight end Vernon Davis. We take a look at the implications for Sunday's game.

This Week in Advanced Stats: Onward to Indy!


This Week in Advanced Stats takes a look at the awful outing Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers produced in Seattle last Sunday, and then moves ahead briefly to the much-more auspicious...

Harbaugh talks Aldon Smith DUI, injuries and more


49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh met with the media on Friday, and naturally had plenty to discuss as it relates to Aldon Smith's DUI, and the 49ers various injury questions marks.

Final 49ers-Colts injury report


We break down the 49ers and Colts final injury reports heading into their Week 3 matchup.

Kaepernick vs. Walden the matchup to watch


Colin Kaepernick will be looking to run on Sunday, making Erik Walden one of the most important players on the Indianapolis Colts defense.

LaRon Landry out for 49ers-Colts


The 49ers will face a Colts defense dealing with several injuries. We break down the latest news, particularly as it relates to LaRon Landry and the 49ers rushing attack.

49ers-Colts: Why each team will win Sunday


Niners Nation and Stampede Blue square off to discuss why the 49ers and Seahawks will claim victory on Sunday Night Football.

Fantasy Football Sit/Start, Week 3: Cots vs. 49ers


The fantasy football stars in San Francisco look to get back on track against the Indianapolis Colts. Will Kaepernick bounce back? Can Trent Richardson make a worthwhile debut? Here is how things...

Greg Roman talks Gore, Kap and more


49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman met with the media on Thursday and discussed the 49ers running game, the development of Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers offensive line, and so much more.

Fangio talks Richardson, Colts


49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio met with the media on Thursday and had a chance to talk extensively about the Colts offense and their addition of Trent Richardson.

LaMichael James returns to practice


The 49ers and Colts released their Thursday practice participation reports. We break down the latest injury news.

Watching 49ers-Colts in the US, around the world


We take a look at where the 49ers-Colts game will be broadcast in the United States, the UK and on Armed Forces Network. We also include a call for any other viewing options around the world.

49ers injury updates abound!


We break down the 49ers latest injury news, surrounding safety Eric Reid, and defensive linemen Ray McDonald and Justin Smith, and tight end Vernon Davis.


49ers-Colts connections are strong

We take a look at some of the interesting connections between the 49ers and Colts, covering college and pro ball.

Pagano discusses Richardson's role this Sunday


Colts head coach Chuck Pagano discussed Trent Richardson's role in Sunday's 49ers-Colts game. We break down what it means.

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