49ers vs. Falcons: NFC Championship Game 2013


Fooch and Dylan break down defensive adjustments

The 49ers face a potent Ravens offense in Super Bowl 47. Fooch and Dylan take a look at some key adjustments the 49ers made against the Packers and Falcons in the previous two playoff matchups.


49ers enjoying their NFC title game victory

The 49ers enjoyed an after-party in San Jose following their return from Atlanta after the NFC Championship Game. TMZ had exclusive pictures from the event.

My NFC Championship Experience & Photos


I talk about my experience and share some fan photos and cool pictures from the game.

What's in Kap's Gatorade cup?


What could Colin Kaepernick possibly have seen at the bottom of his Gatorade cup?

Frank Gore does the Dirty Bird


Frank Gore put together a strong performance for the 49ers on Sunday, capping it off with his second touchdown and an abbreviated Dirty Bird. We've got a great GIF for you.

49ers snap count: Jenkins, Pass D, punt coverage


We take a look at the 49ers snap count in their 28-24 win over the Atlanta Falcons, and what some of the lineup decisions might indicate

How 'bout them genes?


We take a look back at Conference Championship Sunday with a pair of recaps. There's some Harbaugh mention, but it was kind of hard to miss it on Sunday!


Patience pays off for 49ers

We take a look at the 49ers patience in their victory over the Atlanta Falcons to advance to Super Bowl XLVII.


49ers-Ravens slightly more rational recap

We take a look back at a wild 49ers win with a video recap.


49ers recap video: Every seen a grown man cry?

How about a video recap of the 49ers win over the Falcons, featuring your fearless leader getting a little emotional?


The 49ers are going to the Super Bowl!!!


The 49ers are going to the Super Bowl. That is all!

49ers-Falcons fourth quarter open thread

We take a look at the third quarter, and open a thread for fourth quarter discussion.

49ers-Falcons third quarter thread


We break down the first half, and open a thread for third quarter discussion.

49ers-Falcons second quarter thread

We take a brief look at the first quarter, and open a thread for second quarter discussion.


49ers-Falcons open thread

We break down some of the pertinent information heading into the 49ers-Falcons game, and provide an open thread to discuss the game.

Inactives feature no surprises


We break down the 49ers and Falcons inactive reports for the NFC Championship Game.

Kap's parents in front of a curious statue


A statue in Atlanta shows a Falcons player giving Colin Kaepernick a wedgie. Oh, and Kap's parents took a picture in front of it. That just about sums it all up!

The 49ers are in the house!


Photos from around Twitter leading up to the NFC title game.

49ers players tweeting their excitement


We take a look at player tweets on game-day morning before the NFC Championship Game.

What can we expect from the offense this week?


We take one last look at the 49ers offense and the potential game plan against the Atlanta Falcons.

49ers-Falcons tv info


We break down the game time, tv schedule, odds, announcers and more for the 49ers conference championship matchup against the Atlanta Falcons.

The schedule for Sunday!


The 49ers travel to face the Falcons early on Sunday in the NFC Championship Game, while the Patriots host the Ravens in a rematch of last year's AFC Championship game.

A final look at 49ers-Falcons odds


We take a final look at the 49ers-Falcons odds, including reasons why each team might cover the spread.

Hall promotion should have no bearing on Crabtree


We break down the news that Chad Hall has been promoted by the 49ers from their practice squad.

NN, SB Nation preview videos for Sunday's game


Take a look at a variety of preview videos SB Nation Studios has developed over the last week

Roddy White talks aggressive 49ers defense


Roddy White discussed the 49ers physical play, and how the Falcons might be able to take advantage of it. We take a look at how this could impact the game.

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