49ers vs. Rams 2013: All You Need To Know About Week 13

Statistical Review of Reid and Whitner


I review Donte Whitner's and Eric Reid's game against the St. Louis Rams.

49ers Offensive Line Impresses Against Rams


With injuries to their top two offensive lineman, the 49ers were forced to reach to the bench and reshuffle things up front. How did they hold up against the Rams' dominant pass rush?

All-22 Breakdown of Micheal Crabtree's Return


An in-depth breakdown using All-22 film showing how Crabtree's return provided the 49ers with a complete array of weapons that opened up the entire passing game.

49ers vs. Rams sack breakdown [GIFs]


We take a look at the sacks allowed by the San Francisco 49ers against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.

Who ya gonna double now?


The 49ers welcomed back wide receiver Michael Crabtree in their Week 13 win over the St. Louis Rams. What did it mean for the offense?

Vernon Davis thinks it's time for a rule change


Vernon Davis dealt with a rather brutal tackle on Sunday, and he had some thoughts on a rule change. I'd say it's hard to force intent, but I think even if it happens accidentally, there should...

Fake punt flub, Davis leapfrog key 49ers surge


The 49ers controlled their 23-13 win over the Rams for most of the game, but really pulled away on a series of plays to start the fourth quarter.

Joe Looney gets big boost in 49ers snap count


The 49ers had a chance to roll out a lot of reserves due to the score and Joe Staley's injury. We break down the details.

49ers post-game transcripts


The 49ers improved to 8-4 with their Week 13 win over the St. Louis Rams. We've got the post-game 49ers transcripts for you.


It was a good day

The 49ers defeated the Rams with relative ease on Sunday. We take a look at some of the notable stats from the game.

Staley waiting for news on knee injury


The 49ers lost offensive tackle Joe Staley to a knee injury in their win over the Rams. We break down the latest news following the game.

49ers handle Rams in 23-13 victory


The San Francisco 49ers defeated the St. Louis Rams by a final score of 23-13. We take a quick first look at the big 49ers win.

49ers-Rams fourth quarter game thread


The game conversation continues on in our fourth quarter open thread. Come join us.

Vernon Davis tackled by the...ummm....


As a man, there's nothing funny about this. As a man with the occasional sense of humor of  14-year old, the Twitter responses to this play were kind of amazing. You can feel free to ignore this,...

49ers-Rams third quarter game thread


The game conversation continues on in our third quarter open thread. Come join us.

Davis with crazy leapfrog over Rams defender


The San Francisco 49ers lead the Rams 3-0 after this first quarter, and this is probably the highlight of the quarter. Colin Kaepernick dropped back with defenders in his place and Vernon Davis was...

49ers-Rams second quarter game thread


The game conversation continues on in our second quarter open thread. Come join us.

Joe Staley out for remainder of Rams game


The San Francisco 49ers lost Joe Staley to a knee injury, quick ruling him out for the remainder of the Week 13 matchup with the St. Louis Rams. We break down the implications.


49ers-Rams first quarter game thread

The 49ers host the St. Louis Rams in Week 13. We take a look at pertinent details related to the game, as well as provide an open thread for discussion.

Crabtree making his way out of the locker room


Michael Crabtree, Ray McDonald active for Week 13


The 49ers and Rams released their inactives for Week 13, and WR Michael Crabtree is active. We break down all the notable names.

Bill Vinovich to handle 49ers-Rams ref duties


The 49ers-Rams Week 13 matchup will be officiated by Bill Vinovich's crew. We break down the crew, and the assignments for each member.

What to expect of Smith, Brooks today


Kellen Clemens isn't sacked that often, but the San Francisco 49ers have Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks. Should be interesting!

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