49ers All-Time Team

49ers All-Time Inside Linebacker #1


Since the start of training camp, I got a little distracted and forgot to throw up the next All-Time team poll.  Our last vote was on the #2 OLB for our team; a vote won by Dave Wilcox in a narrow...

49ers All-Time Outside Linebacker #2


After a re-opening of the polls, Charles Haley widened his leadd enough to declare him the first outside linebacker on our all-time team.  Thanks to all those who voted.  We'll now open the polls...

49ers All-Time Outside Linebacker #1


EDITOR'S NOTE 7/29 7:40: We've got a decent number of votes but it's close enough that I thought I'd bump it to the top again.  If you haven't voted yet, take a few seconds to pick the #1 all-time...

49ers All-Time Running Back


First, congratulations to Harris Barton who joins Bob St. Clair at tackle on our offensive line.  I'd imagine Barton, St. Clair, McIntyre, Cross and Sapolu would be a pretty amazing offensive...

49ers All-Time Tackle #2


While it was easy to declare Bob St. Clair the #1 offensive tackle, the second offensive tackle will not be so easy.  The 49ers have rolled out numerous extremely talented offensive lineman,...

49ers All-Time Tackle #1 - Bob St. Clair


via www.bashof.org While we're only 75+ votes in, Randy Cross is absolutely running away with the #2 guard position, which certainly doesn't surprise me.  Now that we've got both guards, we're...

49ers All-Time Guard #2


In what has been a tight battle, we're going to declare Guy McIntyre the #1 offensive guard for our all-time team.  While Randy Cross is certainly a deserving candidate, McIntyre put together a bit...

49ers All-Time Guard #1


In a slightly less than shocking outcome, Jesse Sapolu has absolutely run away with the center vote.  I had thought about just naming him the center, but there were still some other talented...

49ers All-Time Center: Jesse Sapolu


We're calling the #2 defensive end position relatively early as Cedrick Hardman was running away with 71% of the vote.  Now that we've got a defensive line, I thought I would move over to the...

49ers All-Time Defensive End #2


After 153 votes, I'd like to congratulate Fred Dean, the first defensive end on our all-time team.  While Cedrick Hardman and Tommy Hart put up better career numbers, Dean is definitely a favorite...

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