49ers All-Time Team

49ers All-Time Defensive End #1


Now that we've got Nomellini and BY in at defensive tackle, I thought we'd fill out the defensive line with a pair of defensive ends.  Over the last 40 years, the 49ers defense has gone to battle...

49ers All-Time Defensive Tackle #2


After settling on Leo Nomellini as the #1 defensive tackle for our all-time team, I was thinking we'd go to a vote for the #2 defensive tackle.  However, upon reviewing the 49ers rosters over the...

49ers All-Time Defensive Tackle #1


Editor's Note Midnight: Alright I'm a moron.  Somehow I ended up on a single track thinking Bryant Young at defensive tackle and completely forgot about Leo Nomellini.  I'm going to redo this...

49ers All-Time Fullback


First off, I am not yet ready to announce the #2 CB for our all-time team.  Eric Wright has stormed back to take a 3-vote lead over Deion Sanders.  If you haven't voted for #2 CB, head here to vote....

49ers All-Time Cornerback #2


Now that we've got our first cornerback position in Jimmy Johnson, let's take care of the #2 position.  As I said, Primetime has been added to the list.  Reasons for that are included in his brief...

49ers All-Time Cornerback #1


First off, I've decided to go with a 3-4 defense.  Instead of picking a "nose tackle," we'll vote on one defensive tackle and then we'll have a vote on a second defensive tackle.  So kind of going...

All-Time Team: 4-3 or 3-4?


EDITOR'S NOTE 10pm: Alright folks, I'm taking my last final Thursday morning (oh hell yea).  Once I get done, the next All-Time Team vote will go up in the afternoon. I'll have the next player...

49ers All-Time Tight End


Well, first off, it's no too surprising but congratulations to Steve Young as he ran away with the backup QB position on our All-Time team, with over 90% of the vote.  Take that Andy Lee. W...

49ers All-Time Backup QB


The polls will remain open, but congratulations to Joe Montana as he has rolled to an impressive victory.  Maybe it's not quite an Andy Lee-esque whooping, but Montana definitely stepped above and...

49ers All-Time Quarterback


First off, heartiest congratulations to our All-Time Punter, Andy Lee, who absolutely ran away with the victory, getting 81% of the vote.  I think it's safe to say that Andy Lee will end his time...

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