49ers Predictions

Niners Nation predictions for Super Bowl XLVII

The Niners Nation staff brings you their official predictions for Super Bowl XLVII, featuring the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens.

The 49ers are going to be awful in 2012

The 49ers' 2012 season will be absolutely dreadful. If 2011 got your hopes up for a Super Bowl appearance to end 2012, then do yourself a favor and wake up. Incessant homers, the lot of ya'.

Niners Nation picks this weekend's match-ups

The divisional round playoffs are set to kickoff today. We provide a schedule of this weekend's match-ups as well as picks from Niners Nation's panel of writers.

Chris Culliver is the 49ers' X-factor on defense

With the 49ers and Packers set to face off in tomorrow night's wild card round, we discuss who San Francisco's X-factor is on defense.

49ers' secondary has a chance to shine in Rd. 1

We continue to preview match-ups from this Saturday's divisional round between the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers. We discuss how the Niners' secondary can be a factor.

Can Randy Moss help carry 49ers in postseason run?

As we approach the 2012-13 NFL postseason, we discuss whether or not Randy Moss can help the San Francisco 49ers, who are hurting at WR.

49ers biggest weaknesses heading into the playoffs

We break down and discuss some of the San Francisco 49ers' biggest weaknesses heading into the 2012-13 postseason.

The midseason evolution of the 49ers offense

The San Francisco 49ers offense has gone through some real change in a short period of time. We discuss the changes and what we can expect to see.


Guess who could flourish with the change at QB

On Wednesday, 49ers HC Jim Harbaugh announced the state of the QB situation in San Francisco. We discuss what Colin Kaepernick starting means for Michael Crabtree going forward.

Will Mike Iupati finally earn Pro Bowl honors?

We discuss whether or not San Francisco 49ers left guard Mike Iupati will finally make the Pro Bowl in the 2012-13 season.

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