NFL Draft

Darius Lipford to work out for 49ers on Tuesday


The 49ers are expected to bring Darius Lipford into town for a workout on Tuesday. Will they sign the North Carolina UDFA?

49ers' Drafts in the Media


I take a look at Doug Farrar's recent comments in SI's NFC West podcast.

It's time for the 2014 NFL Supplemental Draft!


The 2014 NFL Supplemental Draft will be held on Thursday at 10 a.m. PT. Here is a rundown of the eligibility rules, rules for making selections, and prospects involved.

Bucky Brooks looks back at the 2011 NFL Draft


The San Francisco 49ers have locked up several members of their 2011 NFL Draft class. They still have some work to do, but for now, re-grading that class is not too difficult.


Quantitative Approach to handing out draft grades

To me, evaluating draft grades has always felt like some sort of voodoo; sports writers and other simply assign a grade to a team’s draft haul based on how they feel about the players drafted…it’s...

Re-grading the 49ers 2010 draft class


We are now four full seasons removed from the 2010 NFL Draft. Time to look at some re-grading of the draft. How do you view it in hindsight?

Baalke headed off scouting? Time for a mock draft!


49ers GM Trent Baalke told the media on Saturday that he already has a scouting trip planned for a couple weeks from now. With that in mind, we take a look at a 2015 NFL mock draft, as well as the...

Yep, plenty of us were idiots during 2011 draft

It is important to remember, when it comes to the draft, we, the online pontificators, are largely idiots. There is a reason we are just posting on a sports blog and not actually employed to run...

Understanding the Wonderlic and psychometrics

The NFL Draft is upon us and thus ends this year's cycle of talent evaluation for 32 teams and thousands of college prospects. Decisions will be made this week about who to pick, what players to...

Andy Lee was drafted 10 years ago today


The San Francisco 49ers can celebrate a bit of an anniversary today. On April 25, 2004, the team drafted all-world punter Andy Lee.


At what point does NFL bubble burst?


The NFL is always considering ways to expand their dominance of the television scene. Now there are rumors the league is considering expanding the draft to 4 days. At what point does the bubble...


Looking back at drafts past

I was puttering around Reddit today, and I stumbled across this video in the 49ers sub-Reddit. It's actually just a small segment from ESPN's show "The Brady 6". The show took a look at the...

Colt McCoy's contract and 2015 comp picks


Colt McCoy signed a 1-year deal with Washington, and the details are starting to emerge. We break down what it means for the 49ers 2015 comp pick opportunities.

Where do the 49ers stand for 2015 comp picks?


The 49ers have lost four free agents and gained two in 2014 NFL free agency. We consider what it means for the comp pick formula.

Whitner, Bethea and 2015 comp picks


The San Francisco 49ers have lost a free agent and gained a free agent. We break down what it appears to mean for 2015 NFL Draft compensation picks.

Who is next from 49ers 2011 draft class?


The 49ers signed Daniel Kilgore to a new contract, making him the first of their 2011 draft picks to get a new deal. Who will be next among that class?


NN Podcast pre-discussion: NFL Draft O-Line

Tre talks NFL Draft with NN's very own Nick Chiamardas. In this episode we focus on O-Line


NN Podcast pre-discussion: NFL Draft Safeties

Tre talks NFL Draft with NN's very own Nick Chiamardas. In this episode we focus on safeties.


NN Podcast NFL Draft edition!

Tre and Jason talk NFL Draft. In this episode we focus on cornerbacks.


NN Podcast pre-discussion: NFL Draft WRs

Tre talks NFL Draft with NN's very own Nick Chiamardas. In this episode we focus on wide receivers.

Revisiting the 49ers 2011 Draft Class


At the time, the 49ers 2011 draft class was considered developmental and consistently graded as just an average class. Three seasons later and no one using the word average anymore.

Drafting Underclassmen


I take a look at some problems with underclassmen declaring for the draft early and how it might affect the 49ers.

Senior Bowl blast from the past!


Check out this interview from the 2011 Senior Bowl when Colin Kaepernick was looking to impress down in Mobile, Alabama.

Week Thirteen College Football Open Thread


We take a look at the sleight of games today and some of the prospects in them.

2014 NFL Draft: Wide Receiver Rankings


An early look at college football's best draft eligible wide receivers.

College Football Week 12


A look at the top 25 in action this week.

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