2014 NFL schedule release


The NFL has announced the 2014 regular season schedule will be released Wednesday at 5 p.m. PT



Boldin just announced he resigned! Maybe more good news to come, Whitner...


Seat Locations


I live in Carolina and will be at the game this weekend. Let me know where your sitting and I will get tickets close to any 49er fan. Would love to celebrate with my fellow fans. Email me at


Hey All You New York 49ers Fans


I'll be watching the 9ers game today at Finnerty's in the lower east side. I'd love to connect with some east coast fans of the red and gold. Drop me a line if you're around and I'd be happy to buy a round of beers. This is a Bay Area sports bar so I'm pretty stoked. They're also playing the Sharks game tonight. Go Niners!!!!!!!!!

49ers Travel Plans in Washington D.C.???


Does anyone have any info regarding the 9ers' travel plans to D.C.? Like, when are they arriving? Would they be practicing somewhere? Are they planning any team events in D.C.? Etc...Thanks!


Is this True?


Evan Silva @evansilva Another way of putting it: If #Chiefs go 8-8 or better, #49ers turned Alex Smith into Tank Carradine and 2nd- & 3rd-rd picks in 2014 draft.

We're having some site issues


As you may have noticed, we're experiencing some errors on the site and working to correct it ASAP. Thanks for being patient. You can get more details by following @sbnsupport on Twitter, and checking

Do you fancy Alex a gamblin' man?


"Once again, third and long, you're trying to make a play and forcing it." -AS

This quote comes from a ninersnation post after a 3 INT performance from Alex last October against the Giants. As a Chiefs fan, I like reading quotes like this. I'd like to have a QB that is willing to take risks ... a QB capable of trusting and thus allowing his players the chance to make plays; this is something I believe our offense has sorely missed for too long. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a gambler is Alex Smith?



I pledge allegiance to the flag of the San Francisco 49ers Nation and to the city in which they play, one Niners Nation under God, win the Super Bowl for us all! - jw9er 2/1/2013

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