Jim Harbaugh 49ers Coaching Staff

York, Harbaugh discuss idea of contract too early


Jed York had some additional comments on the notion of getting a contract done too early. It's an interesting situation. Harbaugh still has two years left on his deal, but at some point, he and Jed...

York, Harbaugh table contract talks till offseason


Jed York announced that he and Jim Harbaugh have decided to table contract negotiations until after the season ends.

Harbaugh has surpassed Nolan/Singletary - duh


Earlier today, CK brought up a good point in the "Appreciating this era of Niner football" FanPost. Heading into the 2014 season, Jim Harbaugh has surpassed the combined win total of Mike Nolan and...

49ers use new weapons to augment QB and OL program


49ers welcome interns, George Whitfield and Bob Whitfield, as part of the Bill Walsh Minority Coaching Fellowship. A look at the origin of the program and how it can be mutually beneficial to...

Does Kap extension impact timeline of Harbaugh?


Colin Kaepernick's contract is now out of the way. Does that impact how soon Jim Harbaugh gets a deal?

49ers hire "Director of Elite Performance"


The 49ers have brought in Dr. Fergus Connolly for a newly created job, Director of Elite Performance. We break down some of his background, and what this means for the team.

What does Carroll extension mean for Harbaugh?


Ian Rapoport is reporting the Seattle Seahawks have agreed to a contract extension with Pete Carroll, and have scheduled a press conference for Friday morning. We break down what it means for Jim...

MM: Fangio extension among several 1-yr extensions


The 49ers reportedly extended Vic Fangio through the 2015 season. This might be part of a pattern.

Barrows: Vic Fangio gets contract extension


The 49ers have reportedly given Vic Fangio a 1-year contract extension through 2015. We break down what it means for a defense that has a lot of talent, but is also going through some transition.

Will Harbaugh sign contract extension w/the 49ers?


49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh spoke with Sports Illustrated about his contract status, and the rumors circling around it. What do you make of Coach Harbaugh's future?


Jim Harbaugh speaks with SI to clear the air


Jim Harbaugh spoke with Sports Illustrated to clarify the 49ers drama of the last ten days.

Ed Donatell returns with 2-year contract extension


The 49ers have reportedly signed secondary coach Ed Donatell to a new contract. We've got the latest details.

Hearsay & speculation: The columnist's best friend


Local and national media continue to pursue the Jim Harbaugh-49ers drama to all ends of the earth. The latest round of speculation and hearsay just adds to it.

Let's talk about Mangini


I'm still not sure why Eric Mangini is the tight ends coach, though as seems to be the case everywhere, I'm mostly just ... confused, not angry. How do you feel?

York addresses Browns reaching out


Jed York provided a comment to Peter King about the Cleveland Browns approaching the 49ers. It's not the end of the world y'all!

Cleveland, the 49ers were never interested in you


Jed York and Jim Harbaugh have both denied the PFT report authored by Mike Florio. We look at the possible sources of the PFT report, why there is little credibility, and why the discussions never...

Harbaugh in lock-step with York on Browns rumors


Late Friday evening, Jim Harbaugh commented on the rumors about his potential trade to the Browns. He was in lock-step with Jed York, which is not a surprise.

Hop back on the roller coaster!


49ers fans get another crack at the Jim Harbaugh roller coaster ride. This should be fun.

Jed York drops the boom on PFT re: Harbaugh rumors


On a day in which PFT reported Jim Harbaugh was at one point almost traded to the Browns, Jed York made his position on this very clear.

Craziest rumor you'll hear today (maybe this year)


I don't even know where to begin with this Jim Harbaugh rumor courtesy of Pro Football Talk.

Mangini could move to TE coach


The 49ers could be making a change to their coaching staff, moving Eric Mangini to TE coach. What does this mean exactly?

Third 49ers assistant departs for college ranks


The 49ers have lost another assistant coach to the college ranks. We break down what coaching staff currently looks like following the three departures.

Browns hire Mike Pettine as head coach


The Cleveland Browns finally wrapped up their coaching search. We break down what the news means.

Random Mangini rumor floating around


49ers offensive assistant Eric Mangini finds himself mixed into some random rumors. It's all a little odd.

Browns coaching search remains a bit of circus


The Cleveland Browns coaching search remains a mystery as the team continues to consider candidates. And of course, 49ers fans have to wait for this process to play out before we know what's up...

Tomsula could be on Browns radar


The 49ers season is over, which means assistant coaches are available for job interviews. We break down the latest news surrounding Jim Tomsula.

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