NFL Labor Issues

CBA breakdown: Gtd contracts and funding rqmts


In our latest look at the current NFL CBA, we take a look at Article 26, which covers some basics of player salaries. The most important part is the funding requirement in section 9.

NFL marijuana policy could see changes eventually


The NFL is considering a change to its drug policy regarding marijuana. It's part of a negotiation that has been going on for three years now.

49ers per diems, practice time at camp


The 49ers veterans report to training camp on Wednesday, with the first practice scheduled for the next day. Here is a rundown of random training camp facts to get you ready.

NFL, NFLPA closer to HGH testing


The NFL and NFLPA appear to be closer to a deal that would implement HGH testing. It will start with a population study, and we'll see where it goes from there.

What does the return of refs mean for the 49ers?


We break down the news that NFL referees reached an agreement on a new deal with the league. What does it mean for the 49ers?

NFL HGH Testing Might Begin Soon


We take a look at the reports that HGH testing might begin soon in the NFL.

NFLPA Player Reps Ratify CBA, Declaring Labor Peace Through 2020


Celebrating the end of the NFL Lockout.

NFL Lockout News: Tentative Pre-Training Camp Schedules


We take a look at the latest NFL labor news, including a tentative schedule for the coming week.

NFL Lockout News: Trying To Avoid The Charlie Brown Treatment


We take a look at the latest NFL Lockout news amidst word the players and owners made significant progress on Saturday.

NFL Lockout Weekend Thread: This Tweet Says It All


We take a look at some of the misinformation flowing in the NFL Lockout as it heads into the weekend.


2011 NFL Lockout: Summary Of Proposal Voted On By Owners


Summarizing the document that the owners voted on. Players to drastically reduce workouts and off-season activities with new CBA.

NFL Labor Seminar Begins CBA Education For Team Executives


We take a look at some of the rules in the owner-approved CBA related to player health.

Owner-Approved NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement Details


We provide the details of the collective bargaining agreement voted on by the owners on Thursday.

NFL Lockout: CBA Negotiations Have Reached Hammer Time


We take a look at the current state of the NFL labor negotiations after the owners approved a CBA and the players decided not to vote yet.

NFL Owners Approve CBA, Setting [Site Decorum] Show In Motion


We provide an update of the pandemonium that has developed following the owners ratifying the CBA.

NFL Owners Ratify NFL Lockout, CBA Deal - Players Now Up


We break down the calendar provided by the NFL owners in the ratified CBA, while awaiting the player vote.

NFL Lockout Update: Welcome To The Seventh Circle Of Hell


We take a look at the latest labor development while awaiting the players Thursday July 21 5pm pacific conference call.

NFL Lockout Open Thread: Is D-Day At Hand?


We take a look at the NFL labor situation as both sides are hoping to vote on Thursday July 21 to get a CBA approved.

NFL Lockout: Players Apparently Split The Difference With Conditional Vote


We take a look at the latest news on the NFL labor negotiations, which include a conditional vote by the players Wednesday afternoon.

2011 NFL Lockout: Almost Time To Vote?


We take a look at the latest NFL labor update as the players' executive committee and player representatives hope to have a drafted CBA on which to vote on Wednesday.

2011 NFL Lockout: The Final Hours?


NFL Labor deal almost done? Sources say a deal may be voted on as soon as Thursday, July 21.

NFL Lockout: Logan Mankins, Franchise Tag Present A Final Hurdle?


We break down the state of NFL labor negotiations with word that a deal could be close.

NFL Lockout News: Stadium Credits, Two-A-Days, Contract Length


We take a look at some of the issues that have been resolved in the NFL labor negotiations.

Friday Evening Open Thread: Tick Tock Goes The Lockout Clock


We break down the latest developments in the NFL Lockout as optimism has increased that a deal will be done in the coming week.

NFL Lockout News: Isn't Rookie Wage Scale Win-Win?


We look at the win-win nature of a rookie wage scale in the NFL labor dispute.

2011 NFL Lockout News: Rookie Wage Scale Figured Out?


We take a look at the latest news indicating the owners and players may have come to agreement on the rookie wage scale.

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