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NFL changes practice squad rules


The NFL announced new practice squad rules. The changes include an expansion of the roster, as well as relaxed eligibility requirements.

NFL practice squads could increase to 10 players


Word is out that the NFL will increase the size of the practice squad as soon as next week. That bodes well for a team like the 49ers that can find some hidden gems.

Reminder on NFL bag policy, Levi's Stadium rules


The 49ers first preseason game means the annoying NFL bag policy is back in our life. Don't forget the rules.

Talking "old school" quarterbacks!


It's been an amusing few days for older quarterbacks. Brady Quinn and Rex Grossman signed contracts, and 49ers fans want Jeff Garcia back!

FCC official supports ending sports blackout rule


FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai met with some folks in Buffalo, and had some interesting remarks. Pai said he supports ending the sports television blackout rules, and will ask the FCC to hold an...

Why Jed York must speak out on the Washington name

The debate over the Washington football team name has grown heated over the last year. Most, if not all, of the debate has focused on Dan Snyder. We discuss why this is a league-wide issue and why...

Andy Dalton signs contract similar to Kap


Andy Dalton signed a 6-year contract extension with the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday. We compare it to Colin Kaepernick's deal. And what does it mean for Alex Smith?

Kendall Hunter and the 75-man cutdown


The San Francisco 49ers have held onto Kendall Hunter since his July 25 ACL injury, rather than try and slip him through waivers to IR. What happened to the Seattle Seahawks this weekend with...

Hall of Fame Game open thread


The 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game kicks off later this evening. We've got all the game info to help you enjoy your first real football in quite some time.

Hall of Fame ceremony open thread


The 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony starts at 4 p.m. PT. Some 49ers greats continue to wait for induction, but this class is certainly worthy.


NFL to add player tracking technology


This season, the NFL will be adding technology to help track player location, speed, and distance. This could lead to all sorts of advances in analytics.

On Ray Rice and continuing to care


This isn't an easy topic. But it's an important one that should be discussed.

Live From Camp: Quick Thoughts Before Practice


Reporting live from Santa Clara today. Providing information and first-hand observations coming out of Day 4. Some quick thoughts as we prep for the 49ers' 2:30 practice session.

Jordy Nelson deal will be something to watch


The Green Bay Packers locked up wide receiver Jordy Nelson for four more seasons with a $39 million extension. We take a look at what it means for Michael Crabtree.

Marshawn Lynch to hold out from training camp


The Seattle Seahawks suddenly have some contract issues to deal with, as Marshawn Lynch is set to hold out when practice starts on Friday.

What will the mood be like at 49ers camp?


As the 49ers kickoff training camp, storylines abound, but the attitude and mindset of the team stands as the most significant of them all.

Might be time to welcome KC to the holdout club!


The Kansas City Chiefs might have an issue on their hands, as Jamaal Charles might hold out from training camp.

Is a Kap-type deal really too crazy for Dalton?


Bengals owner Mike Brown had some interesting comments about Andy Dalton's next contract. Would a deal similar in structure to Colin Kaepernick's deal be entirely crazy?

Kap No. 3 on latest jersey sales


The NFL released rankings of jersey sales since April 1. Colin Kaepernick came in No. 3.

Refs to look closer at cornerback penalties


FOX Sports referee analyst Mike Pereira tweeted that illegal contact and defensive holding are among several points of emphasis for the 2014 season.

Sunday Ticket to be available without DirecTV sub


The NFL and DirecTV are going to make the Sunday Ticket streaming package available for purchase even if you do not have DirecTV.

Jimmy Graham gets new contract


The New Orleans signed tight end Jimmy Graham to a 4-year, $40 million contract. We break down what it means (or what we can figure out) for Vernon Davis and his contract desire.

Here comes the money....


The Green Bay Packers recently released their annual financial statements. There is one number in particular that will be of interest to fans of any NFL team.

John Kuhn talks some 49ers smack


Green Bay Packers fullback John Kuhn had some pointed remarks about the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks in next year's playoffs. We take a look at his amusingly confident comments.

It's time for the 2014 NFL Supplemental Draft!


The 2014 NFL Supplemental Draft will be held on Thursday at 10 a.m. PT. Here is a rundown of the eligibility rules, rules for making selections, and prospects involved.

Could the FXFL be the d-league the NFL needs?


Plenty of current 49ers players will be without jobs soon. What if they had a d-league to play in?

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