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Time to predict the 49ers 2014 schedule

The NFL is reportedly releasing the 2014 schedule on Tuesday, April 22. We provide our predictions on how the schedule will fill out for the 49ers.

Can 49ers Overcome The Chaos?

As unfavorable arrests and internal discord continue to mount, the San Francisco 49ers find themselves digging a hole that gets bigger by the minute. Is it too deep to crawl out of?

Passing on Jackson is a win for the 49ers

Yes, it would have made for an interesting storyline, but abstaining from signing DeSean Jackson aligns with the 49ers' philosophy and best interest.

Homosexuality and the NFL

A look into what the NFL should be preparing itself for in terms of an openly gay athlete playing among its ranks.

CJ2K release gets me thinking about Frank Gore

The big news of Friday saw the Tennessee Titans release running back Chris Johnson. The Titans signed him to a sizable extension back in 2011, but as he has worn down, the team has decided it is...

What does Carroll extension mean for Harbaugh?

Ian Rapoport is reporting the Seattle Seahawks have agreed to a contract extension with Pete Carroll, and have scheduled a press conference for Friday morning. We break down what it means for Jim Harbaugh and his future with the 49ers.

NFL should use Final Four broadcast idea

The NCAA basketball tournament will broadcast their Final Four on CBS next week. They will also simulcast it on TBS, TNT and truTV, featuring local broadcasters for each team. The NFL needs to...

The DeSean Jackson rumor mill is in over-drive

DeSean Jackson has been a free agent for one day, and the rumors are already flying. We break down where everything seems to stand for now.

Eagles release DeSean Jackson in wake of report

We take a look at the news and a report that may have lead directly to it.

We'll have a preseason rule experiment for kickers

The NFL voted on numerous rule proposals. A few passed, but most did not. There will not be a regular season change to kicking rules, but the preseason will see longer extra points.


Jared Allen signing with the Bears

A week after he reportedly almost signed with the Seattle Seahawks, defensive end Jared Allen has signed with the Chicago Bears. We break down what it means for that defense.

Dunking, other such celebrations to be penalized

The NFL passed a rule to ban dunking the football in celebration, as well as other uses of the ball as a prop. Maybe the NFL should be placing higher priority on other problems.

Harbaugh backs Bowman rule

Jim Harbaugh backed a rule on Monday. Nobody was surprised.

John Harbaugh talks Jim 'trade', QB cap issues

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh had a chance to discuss a couple topics pertinent to his brother, Jim. We break down a few of his comments.

NFL owners' meetings primer

NFL owners, coaches and GMs descend on Orlando, Florida this week for the 2014 NFL owners meetings. We break down the most notable issues on the agenda. This includes rule changes, trade discussion, media availability and dispersal of comp picks.

Rule on block that injured Williams up for vote

Later this week, NFL owners will vote on a rule proposal that would penalize the block that injured Ian Williams in 2013.

TNF roster proposal up for owner vote this week

NFL owners will vote on a variety of bylaw proposals this week, including one related to Thursday Night Football rosters.

Where will DeSean Jackson end up?

The NFL is abuzz with rumors about DeSean Jackson's future. We take a look at where things stand heading into the 2014 annual March league meetings.

Former 49er Goldson hires tackling coach

Dashon Goldson hired a tackling coach. He's not with the 49ers anymore, but hey it's worth talking about, right?

Schaub gets another chance to throw picks to 49ers

The Oakland Raiders have traded for quarterback Matt Schaub. He likely threw another interception in that span!

13 rule changes up for vote at owners' meetings

Various rule proposals were submitted by the NFL Competition Committee. The proposals will be voted on next week at the 2014 annual March owners' meetings in Orlando.

What's up with the Panthers?

The Carolina Panthers have had a few issues pop up this offseason. Are they looking at a slip in 2014?

Steve Smith to be released by Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are reportedly going to release wide receiver Steve Smith. Should the 49ers make a run at the veteran receiver?

Darrelle Revis signing with the Patriots

The New England Patriots made the latest splashy move in free agency, signing the recently released Darrelle Revis. Sorry, 49ers fans.

Saints don't appear to show a good side

The start of free agency saw 49ers safety Donte Whitner quickly agree to a four year deal with the Cleveland Browns. People here at Niners Nation were fairly understanding of the deal. It's his...

Rosenhaus is pleased, even amidst bizarre rules

The NFL free agency negotiating period began Saturday morning. It includes some random rules, and fired up agents!

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