2013 NFL Playoffs

Review & Preview: Niners beat CAR, march into SEA


Takeaways from the 49ers win over the Panthers in the NFC Divisional round and a brief look ahead to Sunday's showdown in Seattle.

49ers vs Packers Preview: Why Lambeau? Why Not?


My take on this weekend's postseason battle and why emerging from the frozen tundra victorious could spark the perfect commencement for a 49ers Super Bowl run.


Kap vs. Packers D

NN user takes a look at Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers offense vs. the Packers defense in January's playoff game.

Additional thoughts on the Anquan Boldin trade


Some additional thoughts on the acquisition of Anquan Boldin. How did the trade happen? What does this mean for Mario Manningham? What does Boldin bring to the Niners offense? Read on, Faithful.

Packers going back to college


Mike McCarthy and the Green Bay Packers are studying the read option offense at the college level after Coln Kaepernick and the 49ers used the offense to eliminate them from the playoffs.

Still feeling down? You shouldn't be & here's why

All good things come to an end. On the season finale of The Booth Review, we talk about the San Francisco 49ers losing the Super Bowl. What does it mean? What happens now? Why do I still feel like...

Lights out in the Superdome


We take a look at the latest news surrounding the Superdome blackout during Super Bowl XLVII. Bad equipment was reportedly the cause.

Joe Flacco willing to cheat in Super Bowl XLVII


NFL Sound FX captured some suspect activity on the Baltimore Ravens sideline. We discuss Joe Flacco's last-minute plan at the end of Super Bowl XLVII.

If I never see Ray Lewis again it will be too soon


Looking at what Ray Lewis had to say about the double homicide 13 years ago, why the officials may have been biased without realizing it, and who had the best, funniest, and worst commercial.


Kaptain Comeback helps mold 49ers identity


The San Francisco 49ers have developed into a clutch comeback team since 2011. We discuss how they got a boost in that regard from Colin Kaepernick.

Former 49ers champions go off on Randy Moss


Following the Super Bowl, former San Francisco 49ers champions show disapproval in Randy Moss' performance.

Getting through the five stages of grief


We take a look at the various stages of grief, and how each fan grieves over a loss individually.

Another hold was overlooked as I wrote this


The Super Bowl featured some sketchy officiating throughout. We take a look at one more example on the late Ravens safety.

Super Bowl, 49ers secondary and contract time


After Super Bowl XLVII, we discuss the performance by the San Francisco 49ers' secondary and how it may impact this offseason.

Views from an Australian Couch


I took the day off of work, sat on our red sofa and got ready for some football. Too bad the 49ers weren't ready for some football. Another slow start put a damper on my sunny day.

On the bright side, the 49ers have a franchise QB


In the mourning of the San Francisco 49ers' Super Bowl loss, we discuss how Colin Kaepernick still makes them a winner going forward.

Half of America was watching this thing. Who cares


We take a look at the record-setting Super Bowl ratings from the 49ers tough loss to the Ravens.

Michael Crabtree: "It's sad...it's the Super Bowl"


The San Francisco 49ers fell to the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII. We examine some of Michael Crabtree's post-game comments on the game.


What time is it? Game time

We break down some of the pertinent information heading into Super Bowl XLVII between the 49ers and Ravens. We also provide an open thread to discuss the game.


Superdome predictions from 49ers fans

We talk to some fans about their pre-game Super Bowl predictions

Roots and the Super Bowl


Todays is a day for quotations and roots. Like yours. Not a tree's.

A final prediction for charity


We take a final look at my own prediction for Sunday's game.

Theatricality and Deception in Store for Ravens


The San Francisco 49ers could have a few tricks up their sleeve for the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII.

Late money coming in on the 49ers


We take a final look at the odds on Super Bowl Sunday.

How to watch the Super Bowl online


We run down the various options for watching Super Bowl 47 online.

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