2014 NFL Playoffs

Would the 49ers have beaten the Broncos in the SB?


The folks over at Mile High Report decided to pen an article about whether the Denver Broncos would have beaten the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. This is our response.


Where Kap attempted passes during the playoffs

User G-49er breaks down all the locations where Colin Kaepernick attempted passes during the 2014 NFL playoffs.

Wright talks injury, illness that cost him in Jan


49ers cornerback Eric Wright put together a blog post discussing the close of the season and his lack of playing time. An injury and illness appear to have been the issues for him. Could it mean a...

Time to hit the re-set button


Congrats to the Seattle Seahawks for winning Super Bowl XLVIII. Time to start getting ready for the road to Super Bowl XLIX.

SB commercials aren't the same without Bud Bowl


Super Bowl commercials have not been the same since Bud Bowl ended. We want it back!

Your full prop bet list for Super Bowl XLVIII


The Super Bowl features a whole host of random prop bets to keep us entertained. What will you be hitting on today?

Yep, the Super Bowl is here...it's all almost over


Super Bowl Sunday is here, and it's time to wrap up the season in East Rutherford, NJ. The Broncos and Seahawks kick off at 3:25 PT, and will be televised on FOX. Read on for more information.


Joe Buck does have a sense of humor about himself

The Super Bowl 48 play-by-play man will be Joe Buck. While a lot of people do dump on him, the man has shown an ability to poke fun at himself.

Some final predictions for Super Bowl XLVIII


The Broncos and Seahawks square off this Sunday in Super Bowl XLVIII. We've got some picks and predictions heading into the weekend.


Full House dads with great Super Bowl commercial

The three dads from Full House put together a commercial for Dannon Yogurt. It's pretty solid.


What prop bets should I wager on?


Super Bowl 48 is just around the corner, which means it is time to figure out some prop bets. What should Fooch consider with his hard-earned cash?

Broncos-Patriots game thread


We take a quick look at Sunday's AFC Championship Game, and open a thread for discussion.

What's the game for the world to watch Sunday?


If you can only watch one game this weekend, this article will help you decide which game is right for you.

NFC Championship tickets most expensive of year


If it wasn't already clear, 49ers vs. Seahawks is the most anticipated game in the NFL this year, as evidenced by ticket prices.

A Few Thoughts on Momentum as We Look To Seattle


A few thoughts on "momentum" as it pertains to the coming 49ers-Seahawks game.

NFL execs might like these games just a bit


The final four is set, and the NFL playoffs are in line for one heck of a finish!

Chargers-Broncos game thread


The 49ers handled their business and get to begin preparations for next week's NFC Championship Game against the Seattle Seahawks. We'll have plenty to discuss on that, and you can see more of it...

49ers advance to NFC Championship Game


The 49ers defeated the Panthers 23-10 to advance to the NFC Championship Game. It's about to get crazy, y'all.

Seahawks to restrict 49ers/Panthers from tickets


The Seahawks are hoping to restrict opposing fans from getting tickets for the NFC Championship Game. We take a look at what it means.

Seahawks win, advance to NFC Championship Game


The Seahawks defeated the Saints Saturday afternoon, and advanced to the NFC Championship Game. They will host the winner of the 49ers-Panthers matchup on Sunday.

Seahawks-Saints second half game thread

That first half thread filled up pretty quickly, so here's another thread. The Saints showed some things early, but couldn't get points on the board, and now they find themselves down 16-0 at...

Seahawks-Saints game thread

We break down the first playoff game of the divisional round, featuring the Seahawks and Saints. We also have an open thread for discussion.

Holding, holding everywhere


Penalties are down come playoff time, so how much can the 49ers take advantage?

Divisional round rundown


The 2014 NFL playoffs are back for the divisional round. Saturday features Saints-Seahawks and Colts-Patriots. Sunday features 49ers-Panthers and Chargers-Broncos. We break down the pertinent...

Divisional picks!


The 2014 NFL playoffs are into the divisional round this weekend. It's time for some predictions, so here are my predictions for the second round of playoff games. Feel free to mock them all you want.

49ers face brutal road to Super Bowl XLVIII


The 49ers beat the Packers on Sunday to advance to face the Panthers in the divisional round of the 2014 NFL playoffs. We break down the upcoming schedule, and the difficulties it presents to the...

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