Niners Nation 101

Time for a new brick inscription!


As you might recall, back in December we looked into purchasing some bricks to represent Niners Nation at the new stadium. We were able to get bricks with Harbaugh's favorite Churchill quotation,...

What content would you like to see this offseason?


We'll have a Pro Bowl thread in just a bit, but given that it's an otherwise quiet Sunday, I wanted to open up a thread for discussion on the offseason. We've got a lot of ideas in mind for...

Don't forget about the NN Archives


As we head into the offseason, things will quiet down to a certain extent for the next few weeks. We'll have plenty of 2013 analysis and 2014 preview type content to keep you occupied, but the news...

NN turns 7!


Time certainly does fly by! Today marks the seventh birthday of Niners Nation. On December 22, 2006, NN got started with this welcome post. The picture above is what the site looked like back then,...


The most requested feature in history is coming

For years and years, there has been one request made from our members more than any other, and now it is finally here.

Site changes are now live!


We break down some of the changes showing up on Niners Nation and the rest of SB Nation

New updates to SB Nation United!


We break down some of the latest SB Nation United updates for the site.

Your 49ers-Bills comment of the day


We look at the best comment from the 49ers-Bills game threads

Seeking Niners Nation social media coordinator


We open the floor for social media help.

We've got an SB Nation United support update


We provide a rundown of some SB Nation United updates courtesy of the folks at network support


Confused about the new layout? [Updated 9/26]


SB Nation has undergone a new massive transition to be more modern and stylish. The new look adds some pop as compared to our old format. Fire away with any questions and I'll update this to help...

SB Nation United: The Sneak Preview


We take a look at the redevelopment of Niners Nation and SB Nation United

A Sneak Peek At The Future Of NN And SB Nation


We take a look at the new logo for Niners Nation when SB Nation launches SB Nation United.

49ers Vs. Packers: Getting You Ready For The Season


We run down some community items including our sports bar thread, rundown of opposing team blogs, the NN prediction contest and fantasy football.

Niners Nation 101, Redux: FanPosts vs. FanShots vs. Comments


We break down some of the keys rules and regulations at Niners Nation.

Cosmetic Change To Niners Nation


I've received various comments over the years about the FanShots and how they're hard to locate on the front page. After a comment earlier this evening, I decided it was time to do a little bit of...

Re-Welcome to Niners Nation


A look at some important areas of Niners Nation

Niners Nation conduct and general decency


Time to reinforce the site code of conduct.

Niners Nation FanPosts as we head towards the draft


We break down the importance of FanPosts this offseason.

Niners Nation 101: Important links


A look at important tools available to readers on Niners Nation

Niners Nation 101: FanPosts and FanShots


Due to the sizable increase in traffic over the past couple months, we have a lot of new regular readers at the site.  It's been a while since I posted any details about the gadgets and doodads on...

Welcome 49ers fans: SB Nation announces partnership with Yahoo! Sports


Niners Nation welcomes the whole host of new folks coming over from Yahoo! Sports.

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