Offseason randomness

San Jose State giving away Bill Walsh bobblehead


One of the more notable San Jose State alumni is 49ers legend Bill Walsh. Naturally, this means SJSU needs to create a bobblehead.

It's Jim Harbaugh quiz time!


We've found a fun Jim Harbaugh quiz to get you through the evening.

Even the Ice Bucket Challenge is part of rivalry!


Jim Harbaugh will take the Ice Bucket Challenge, but not because Pete Carroll challenged him!

This jersey was actually on sale


This 49ers/Chiefs Frank Gore jersey was spotted at a Walmart. I guess some people take their split fandom quite seriously!

Video of a hand-drawn picture of Colin Kaepernick


This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. A hand-drawn picture of Colin Kaepernick, with video of it sped up.

Get your random Candlestick Park junk!


Candlestick Park will be bulldozed in the near future. Before then, however, you can get your hands on all kinds of random crap!

Levi's Stadium to host Mexico-Chile


Levi's Stadium will play host to an international soccer match featuring Mexico and Chile. We take a look at the pricing, and the two VIP packages.

Willis, Bowman the top-rated MLBs in Madden NFL 15


The San Francisco 49ers have a monopoly on the top middle linebackers in the NFL, and in Madden NFL 15.

On Ray Rice and continuing to care


This isn't an easy topic. But it's an important one that should be discussed.

Is this Craigslist ad trolling or bizarre fandom?


An apparent football fan posted a rather unusual request on Craigslist. Is this a bizarre fan, or just a great troll job?


Wednesday evening open thread


Well, the 49ers have begun assembling for training camp, but  we won't be hearing a whole lot out of camp until practices start later next week. It will remain quiet, so I figure we can continue to...

Vernon Davis blocks well, people are noticing


It's the offseason, so we have a better chance than ever to investigate the relationship between bloggers and those in the traditional media.

Give us your notable Michael Crabtree plays


I'm heading up to New York on Friday to do some video with our studio, and one of them will be about Michael Crabtree. He is Colin Kaepernick's favorite wide receiver, and he should be back at or...

Kaepernick gives advice to high school team


Colin Kaepernick spoke to a high school football team. He told them things about stuff.

49ers get a 'C' offseason grade from SI


The folks over at Sports Illustrated are complimentary, but ultimately think the 49ers had an average-to-mediocre offseason.

Could Joe Montana Football '16 be a real thing?


Your guess might be as good as mine. Maybe.

Montana to DeBartolo highlights Legends game


Saturday evening featured the final "football game" in Candlestick Park history, as a team of retired 49ers stars defeated a team of retired NFL stars 45-40. Dan Brown has a solid recap of the game....

Videos, photos from Legends practice


The Joe Montana and Dan Marino-led legends took part in a practice session the day before the "Legends of Candlestick" football game. We've got some videos and pictures from the event.

Legends of Candlestick set for Saturday evening


Candlestick Park will play host to one last football game, as Joe Montana and Dan Marino will square off, each with a team of retired NFL all stars. We've got all the details.

This entertains me to no end


I should ignore this, but it made me snicker a little bit.

Kap gets a new tattoo, people chatter about it


The offseason is a time for players to relax and enjoy whatever is that takes their mind off of football. San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis is doing some traveling in southeast...

49ers logo re-imagined in corporate, NFL lenses


When things get quiet in the NFL, random folks come up with fun ways to occupy their time. One such way is re-imagining NFL team logos through various lenses. I stumbled across a couple interesting...

Jim Harbaugh takes in a Diamondbacks game


San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh continues his jaunt around Major League baseball ballparks. After spending last at a Giants game, and then an Athletics game, Coach Harbaugh was down in...

It's been 1 year since KapGate!


Yep, it has been a year since Colin Kaepernick wore a Miami Dolphins hat, and a chunk of the 49ers fanbase lost their collective minds. It was an amusing little spectacle because in the grand...

Tim Howard can stop anything!

@hoopes4908 tweeted this out, and I had to share it. If you watched USA-Belgium, you probably get the meme. This one's perfect!

Crowder with cliched personal attack on Martin


Former Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder had some comments about San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Jonathan Martin. They're not surprising, but they are pretty cliched.

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