Offseason randomness

On the Quest for Six moniker

Should it stay or should it go?

Guess what Brandon Lloyd was up to last year?

Brandon Lloyd was busy during his year off. He made a zombie movie!

Michael Crabtree, Sharks ready for Stanley Cup!

The 2014 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs are officially underway, and the San Jose Sharks begin their attempt to bring home Lord Stanley's trophy later this summer. The Sharks open the playoffs with a...

Friday evening open thread

It's been a wild week for 49ers fans, with the Colin Kaepernick/Quinton Patton news dominating the headline. Things have quieted down to some extent. If you want to discuss the latest updates on...

Inside Eric Wright's off-season

A look at a blog post penned by San Francisco 49ers CB Eric Wright discussing his return and off-season.

49ers hazing philosophy from Walsh to Harbaugh

We discuss the success of both coaches' programs and why Jonathan Martin will thrive in the 49ers locker room.

Vernon Davis turned down Dancing With The Stars

49ers tight end Vernon Davis turned down a chance to appear on Dancing With The Stars. Thank goodness!

Kap, Patton getting in their workouts

San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick tweeted out a picture from his latest workout session, which included wide receiver Quinton Patton.

Your one chance to see a nervous Patrick Willis

Patrick Willis recently took a trip to Australia with Takeo Spikes and Carlos Emmons, and we got to see all sorts of pictures and video from the trip. This might be my favorite. Willis apparently...

Athletes at UNC

I take a look at some fall out from the UNC report about Student-Athletes.


Willis apparently looking for new celebration

Patrick Willis has a variety of endorsements, and one is with "Rockin' Refuel". They recently emailed me about a new commercial Willis is involved in. Much like Michael Crabtree did back in 2012,...

Choose Your Own Adventure: Jim Harbaugh edition

What would it be like to live the life of Jim Harbaugh? We have no idea, but this is our best guess.

Classically-Trained Jonathan Martin

I take a look at the relationship between athletes and academics, focusing specifically on the 49ers' newest addition to the team, Jonathan Martin.

Anquan Boldin wins community award

The 49ers top target in 2014 did more than just catch a bunch of footballs. He also served the community.

NCAA tournament open thread

It's time for the Madness!


2014 NN Bracket challenge

It's that time of the year! The field for the 2014 NCAA basketball tournament is set, and games get going in two days with the "First Four." That means it's time for the latest iteration of the...

Wright posts youth football video to Instagram

We take a look at some cool footage of 49ers CB Eric Wright from his early years.

Culliver speaks with LGBTQ newspaper about past yr

Chris Culliver continues his education on LGBTQ issues, and recently spoke on what he's learned over the last year.

Jewel Hampton with some random tweets

I don't know how long this random twitter selection post will last, but if it's anything like the last couple days, we will hopefully have some good content throughout the summer. My initial plan...

What? Jed York went to Miami?

We have a few reasons why he and his family charted a flight to Miami.

That's one hell of a lobster

This really isn't important, but it's still pretty cool. Earlier this afternoon, Patrick Willis tweeted out this picture from dinner. He included the following comment: Saturday is a good day....


Crabtree trailer for '3 Days To Kill'

CSN's Casey Pratt posted this video, and I have to be honest, I figured it would be another awful bit of acting. Professional athletes want to get into movies and music, but a lot of them can't act...


How many Utz's Pork Rinds for Anquan Boldin?

A Niners Nation commenter considers alternative payment for various members of the 49ers.

Kap, Cam have cheesy good time on Cartoon Network

Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton had a cheesy good time hosting the Hall of Game Awards on Cartoon Network. We've got some video of a night that included silly string, them singing Katy Perry, and a competition throughout childhood.

Vernon, Anthony Davis enjoy some offseason travel

The San Francisco 49ers don't begin their official offseason workout program until April 21 (at the earliest). In the meantime, players are getting in what is the most extensive free time they have...

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