49ers Salary Cap notes

San Francisco 49ers salary cap notes for current contracts.

Jason Hurley of Niner Cap Hell has been kind enough to provide us with his rundown of 49ers salary cap details. This page provides notes related to the many bonuses that impact the 49ers salary cap. You can click below to view the various year-by-year numbers.

Jay will be providing frequent salary cap updates, whether it be basic news updates, or details on how the cap is implicated in given pieces of news. I would recommend book-marking our 49ers salary cap hub. It will hopefully become a valuable resource throughout the year.

2012 Cap Numbers
2013 Cap Numbers
2014 Cap Numbers
2015 Cap Numbers
2016 Cap Numbers
2017 Cap Numbers
2018 Cap Numbers

Future Draft Picks: 49ers have all seven of their own draft picks in 2013, from rounds one through seven. They also hold the Panthers 3rd, Colts 5th, Dolphins 6th and Bengals 7th round picks in 2013, and the Panthers 2014 7th round pick

2012 UDFAs Cameron Bell had a $1K signing bonus, Kourtnei Brown had a $3K bonus, Patrick Butrym had a $1K bonus, David Gonzlaes had a $1K bonus, Joe Holland had a $4K bonus, Tony Jerod-Eddie had a $3K bonus, Matthew Masifilo had a $4K bonus, Anthony Mosley had a $3K bonus, Al Netter had a $3K bonus, Chris Owusu had a $3K bonus, Nathan Palmer had a $10K bonus, Michael Thomas had a $19K bonus, and Brian Tyms had a $8K bonus.

QB Alex Smith (2014) - $1M ROS(12), $3M ROS(13), $1.25M INC(12-14), $5M BS(12), $7.5M BS(13-14), $1M of ’13 base is guaranteed, becomes fully guaranteed if on roster on 4/1/13

QB Colin Kaepernick (2014) - $555,691 SB(12-14), $607,922 BS(12), $740,844 BS(13), $973,766 BS(14)

QB Scott Tolzien (2013) - $465K BS(12), $555K BS(13)

RB Frank Gore (2014) - $2M BS(12), $3.3M BS(13-14), $400K WK(12-14), $2M RB(13-14), $2.85M RB(12), $600K RB (12 for 13 active games), $750K RB(13-14 for 13 active games)

RB Kendall Hunter (2014) - $109,805 SB(12-14), $465K BS(12), $555K BS(13), $645K BS(14)

RB LaMichael James (2015) - $213,250K SB(12-15), $390K BS(12), $490,589 BS(13), $641,718 BS(14), $792,577 BS (15)

RB Jewel Hampton (2014) - $390K BS(12), $480K BS(13), $570K BS(14), $1,666 SB(12-14)

FB Bruce Miller (2014) - $15,613 SB(12-14), $465K BS(12), $555K BS(13), $645K BS(14)

FB/RB Anthony Dixon (2013) - $30,150 SB(12-13), $540K BS(12), $630K BS(13)

FB/DE Will Tukuafu (2013) - $465K BS(12), $555K BS(13)

WR Michael Crabtree (2014) - $1.359M SB(12-14), Possible $500K WK(12-14), $3.5M BS(12), $4.5M BS(13), $3.5M BS(14)

WR Mario Manningham (2013) - $1M SB(12-13), $250K RB(12-13), $100K WK(12-13), $1.2M BS(12), $3.6M BS(13), $1.6M on 2013 base is guaranteed

WR Randy Moss (2012) - $1.75M BS(12), $750K RB(12)

WR Kyle Williams (2013) - $19,850 SB(12-13), $540K BS(12), $630K BS(13)

WR/PR Ted Ginn Jr. (2012) - $1.2M BS(12), $175K RB(12)

WR A.J. Jenkins (2015) - $872,500 SB(12-15), $390K BS(12), $705,797 BS(13), $1,021,594 BS(14), $660K BS(15)

WR Ricardo Lockette (2014) - $480K BS(13), $570K BS(14)

TE Vernon Davis (2015) - $1,666,666 SB(12-15), $370K SB(12-15), $31,250 OATSB(12-15), $200K WK(12-15), $275K RB(12), $400K RB(13-15), $5.751M BS(12), $6.072M BS(13), $4.7M BS(14), $4.35M BS(15) ($4,271,062 2012 Base)

TE Delanie Walker (2012) - $360K SB(12), $500K RB(12), $100K WK(12), $1.045M BS(12)

TE Garrett Celek (2014) - $2K SB(12-14), $390K BS(12), $480K BS(13), $570K BS(14)

TE/DE Demarcus Dobbs (2013) - $465K BS(12), $555K BS(13), $4,166 SB(12-13)

C Jonathan Goodwin (2013) - $666,667 SB(12-13), $650K INC(12-13), $2.4M BS(12), $3.7M BS(13)

C Daniel Kilgore (2014) - $40,075 SB(12-14), $465K BS(12), $555K BS(13), $645K BS(14)

OG Mike Iupati (2014) - $240K SB(12-14), $300K RB(12-13), $327,863 RB(14), $1,087,500 OPT(12-14), $703,500 BS(12), $1.002M BS(13), $1,600,500 BS(14)

OL Joe Looney (2015) - $106,250 SB(12-15), $390K BS(12), $480K (13), $570K BS(14), $660K BS(15)

OG Alex Boone (2015) - $340K SB(12-15), $600K RB(13), $400K RB(14-15), $925K BS(12), $950K BS(13-14), $1.2M BS(15)

OG Leonard Davis (2012) - $925K BS(12)

OG Wayne Tribue (2014) - $405K BS(13), $495K(14)

OT Joe Staley (2017) - $200K WK(12-17), $500K RB(12-17), $1.8M BS(12), $2.1M BS(13), $2.7M BS(14), $4.5M BS(15), $5.4M BS(16), $6.25M BS(17)

OL Al Netter (2014) - $405K BS(13), $495K BS(14)

OT Anthony Davis (2014) - $166,666 SB(12-14), $400K WK(12-14), $1.7M OPT(12-14), $925K BS(12), $1.3M BS(13), $1,073,600 BS(14)

OL Kenny Wiggins (2014) - $405K BS(13), $495K BS(14)

DE Justin Smith (2013) - $5.875M BS (12), $7.5M BS(13), $500K WK(12-13)

DE Ray McDonald (2015) - $1M SB(12-15), $172,794 New SB(12-15), $100K WK(12-15), $608,749 OPT(13-15), $3.05M BS(12), $715K BS(13), $3.5M BS(14), $4M BS(15) ($2,358,823 2012 Base)

DE Tony Jerod-Eddie (2014) - $405K BS(13), $495K(14)

NT Isaac Sopoaga (2012) – $3.8M BS(12), $955K SB(12), $200K RB(12)

NT Ian Williams (2013) - $465K BS(12), $555K BS(13)

NT Lamar Divens (2014) - $555K BS(13), $645K BS(14)

NT/DE Ricky Jean Francois (2012) - $615K BS(12), $10,750 SB(12)

OLB Ahmad Brooks (2017) - $1.5M SB(12-16), $500K RB(12), $750K RB(13-17), $100K WK(12-17), $750K BS(12), $4.3M BS(13), $5.15M BS(14), $6M BS(15), $6.5M BS(16), $6.95M BS(17), 2013 BS is guaranteed if on roster on 4/1/13, 2014 BS $4.95M is guaranteed if on roster on 4/1/14. Can eliminate lowered down base with playtime(93.2%), 49ers win 12 games, and NFC Championship Game, but can reduce by Sack totals. He can void his de-escalators by getting 12 sacks in 2012 and 2013, that would be needed in 2014. He also can increase his 2013 and so forth base salaries by $2.5M, or descrease by $500K due to sack totals. 2014 Base is guaranteed for injury only, becomes fully guaranteed on week 1. 2013 base has decreased to $2.7M

OLB Aldon Smith (2014) - $2,240,273 SB(12-14), $1,028,818 BS(12), $1,682,636 BS(13), $2,336,454 BS(14)

OLB Clark Haggans (2012) - $925K BS(12), $65K SB(12)

OLB Parys Haralson (2013) - $200K RB(12-13), $100K WK(12-13), $2.45M BS(12), $2.57M BS(13)

OLB Darius Fleming (2015) - $41K SB(12-15), $390K BS(12), $480K BS(13), $570K BS(14), $660K BS(15)

OLB Nate Stupar (2014) - $405K BS(13), $495K BS(14)

OLB Cam Johnson (2013) - $45,882 BS(12), $405K BS(13)

ILB Patrick Willis (2016) - $14,173,332 SB(12), $1,059,375 RB(12), $609,375 RB(13-16), $500K WK(12-16), $1.904M BS(12), $2.402M BS(13), $5.285M(14), $7.065M BS(15), $7.935M BS(16)

ILB NaVorro Bowman (2018) - $175,562 SB(12-13), $540K BS(12), $630K BS(13), $4M BS (14), $4.7M BS(15), $5.85M BS(16), $6.75M BS(17), $8.7M BS(18), $750K RB(14-18), $1.5M SB(12-16), $800K OPT(13-17). 2013 is start 2013 League Year, 2014 is start 2014 league year, 2015 is start of 2015 league year, 2016 $4.17M is guaranteed, fully start of 2016 league year.

ILB Larry Grant (2012) - $1.26M BS(12)

ILB Tavares Gooden (2012) - $700K BS(12)

ILB Michael Wilhoite (2013) - $114,076 BS(12), $405K BS(13)

CB Carlos Rogers (2015) - $1.25M SB(12-15), $225K New SB(12-15), $19,531 OATSB (12-15), $171,875 RB(12), $250K RB(13-15), $100K WK(12-15), $3.9M BS(12), $5.5M BS(13), $6.25M BS(14), $7.25M BS(15), $1.7M of ’13 base is guaranteed, becomes fully guaranteed on 4/1/13. ($3M 2012 Base)

CB Tarell Brown (2013) - $407,312 SB(12-13), $75K WK(12-13), $471,875 RB(12), $500K RB(13), $850K BS(12), $925K BS(13), 2013 base has increased to $2.925M

CB Chris Culliver (2014) - $149,719 SB(12-14), $465K BS(12), $555K BS(13), $645K BS(14)

CB Perrish Cox (2013) - $465K BS(12), $555K BS(13)

CB Tramaine Brock (2012) - $540K BS(12)

FS Dashon Goldson (2012) - $6.212M BS(12)

FS C.J. Spillman (2014) - $308.333 SB(12-14), $25K WK(12-14), $750K BS(12), $1.225M BS(13-14)

SS Donte Whitner (2013) - $833,333 SB(12-13), $250K WK(12-13), $3.3M BS(12), $3.75M BS(13), 2013 base has increased to $3.85M

SS Darcel McBath (2012) - $540K BS(12)

SS Trenton Robinson (2015) - $27,625 SB(12-15), $390K BS(12), $480K BS(13), $570K BS(14), $660K BS(15)

PK David Akers (2013) - $666,667 SB(12-13), $50K INC(12-13), $2.4M BS(12), $3M BS(13)

P Andy Lee (2018) - $776,668 SB(12), $500K SB(13-16), $1.75M RB(13), $25K INC(12-18), $1.1M BS(12), $1.8M BS(13), $1.9M BS(14) $2.05M BS(15), $2.833M BS(16), $3.433M BS(17), $4.134M BS(18)

LOS Brian Jennings (2014) - $221K SB(12-13), $925K BS(12), $940K BS(13), $1.035M BS(14)

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