Who will be breakout candidates in 2014?


The San Francisco 49ers have a heavy veteran presence, but they have numerous under-the-radar prospects who could emerge in 2014. Who would you include in that group?

What kind of workload reduction will Gore see?


ESPN reporters think Gore will be somewhere in the 220 carry range in 2014. Can we really come up with that kind of number so easily?

49ers season preview with SB Nation


The 2013 season is upon us so Niners Nation is here to answer a few questions from SB Nation about the 49ers upcoming season.

Are the 49ers better, worse, the same at OLB?


The 49ers will return their starting outside linebackers, but they have made efforts to improve the depth. Are the 49ers in better shape now at outside linebacker?

Is the 49ers interior line better this year?


The 49ers have had fairly limited turnover on the interior of their offensive line. Is the line better with the changes?

The Booth Preview: "Five things about the Falcons"

On this edition of The Booth Preview, Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers will travel to the Georgia Dome to face Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship Game. What...

Bears looking for validation against 49ers


The San Francisco 49ers have a worse record, but in the realm of public perception, it's the Chicago Bears that need a win to validate their run at the top of the league on Monday Night Football.

49ers Q&A With NN Writer Emeritus, Football Outsiders' Danny Tuccitto


We talk 49ers with Football Outsiders' Danny Tuccitto

49ers Vs. Saints, 2012 NFL Playoffs: Patrick Willis & Co. Vs. Jimmy Graham


We take a look at 49ers LB Patrick Willis' matchup against Saints TE Jimmy Graham.

49ers Vs. Saints: Drew Brees Is Gonna Need To Feel 99 Problems


We break down the importance of Aldon Smith in this weekend's 49ers-Saints game


49ers Vs. Saints: Dealing With The Blitz


We break down the New Orleans Saints blitzing and what the 49ers can expect from DC Gregg Williams,

49ers Vs. Saints: A Prospector's Guide


We break down some pertinent stats and the historical series between the 49ers and Saints.

49ers Vs. Rams: Time For A Little Boobie?


We break down whether the 49ers will get Anthony Dixon some more playing time in the Week 17 regular season finale against the Rams.

49ers Vs. Rams: What Is St. Louis Up To?


We chat with a Rams blogger in advance of Sunday's 49ers-Rams game.

49ers Vs. Rams: A Prospector's Guide


We break down some basic stats surrounding the 49ers-Rams season finale.

49ers Vs. Rams: What Kind Of Offensive Play-Calling Can We Expect?


Given all the 49ers injuries, there are plenty of question marks about their play-calling options. We look at what it could mean for Sunday against the Rams.

49ers Vs. Seahawks: Can You Hear Me Now?


We break down the issue of noise at CenturyLink Field in the 49ers-Seahawks game this Saturday.

49ers Vs. Seahawks: Five Questions With Field Gulls


We break down the Seahawks through five questions with a Seahawks blogger.

49ers Vs. Seahawks: Battling #BeastMode


We break down the 49ers upcoming matchup against Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch.

49ers Vs. Steelers: Rashard Mendenhall Vs. "The" Rush Defense


We take a look at Steelers RB Rashard Mendenhall's tough task against the 49ers stout rush defense.

49ers Vs. Steelers: What Is The Plan To Beat The Blitz?


We take a look at 49ers QB Alex Smith's level of success against the blitz and how the 49ers can meet the Steelers blitz on Monday.

49ers Vs. Steelers: Random Stats


We take a look at some random stats related to Monday's 49ers-Steelers game.

49ers Vs. Cardinals: Battling Quite The Wide Receiver Trio


We take a look at the challenge the 49ers secondary faces against the Arizona Cardinals wide receivers on Sunday.

Andy Lee And Patrick Peterson Prepare To Battle To The Death


We break down the matchup of Patrick Peterson versus the 49ers punt coverage unit.

49ers Vs. Cardinals: Kevin Kolb Is Back


We get some comments about Kevin Kolb from a Cardinals blogger in advance of Sunday's 49ers-Cardinals game

49ers Vs. Cardinals: Random Stats


We break down some random stats related to the upcoming 49ers-Cardinals matchup

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