Random Open Threads

Saturday evening open thread: Pacquiao-Bradley

It's kind of a quiet evening, but I figured I'd throw open a random open thread for discussion. The thread about the PFT comment could have served as such, but understandably people are more...

Friday evening open thread

It's been a wild week for 49ers fans, with the Colin Kaepernick/Quinton Patton news dominating the headline. Things have quieted down to some extent. If you want to discuss the latest updates on...

NCAA tournament open thread

It's time for the Madness!


49ers fan wins $1.5 million on Jimmy Kimmel Live

This is kind of random, and barely connected to the 49ers, but I figured it was fun to share anyway. The folks at Esurance gave away $1.5 million as part of a Super Bowl promotion, and the video...

SB commercials aren't the same without Bud Bowl

Super Bowl commercials have not been the same since Bud Bowl ended. We want it back!

Open thread for a perfectly normal Sunday

Still smarting from the NFC Championship Game, and don't want to watch the Super Bowl? We've got you covered with a rundown of things on other channels to keep you distracted!

Game night overflow thread

I don't really have anything to add to this, but the recap thread is overflowing, so I figured I'd open up a new thread. Site decorum remains off in here.

Coach Harbaugh's 'Grandpa Joe' passes away

Niners Nation wants to send its condolences to 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh over the passing of his grandfather, Joe Cipiti. The man Coach Harbaugh called "Grandpa Joe" passed away this past...


49ers get to the NFC title game...it was good day

The 49ers beat the Panthers 23-10, and Colin Kaepernick had a little fun after the game. All in all, it was a good day.

Getting a chance to meet Vernon Davis

The following tale is about a moment in time when I met Vernon Davis at work... It is based on true events and should be considered nonfiction.


Get your NN IPA next time you're in San Francisco

Someone decided to create a Niner Nation beer!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everybody! Or at least, happy soon to be New Year. Wherever you might be, hopefully you're having a good time, or about to. And if you're like me and you're taking it easy tonight,...

Merry Christmas, Niners Nation!

Merry Christmas! The 49ers are in the middle of preparations for the Arizona Cardinals, but today gives us a chance to take a breather and enjoy the holiday. And if you're not a believer in...

Coach Harbaugh's letter to Santa

Even Jim Harbaugh has a Christmas wish list.

NN turns 7!

Time certainly does fly by! Today marks the seventh birthday of Niners Nation. On December 22, 2006, NN got started with this welcome post. The picture above is what the site looked like back then,...

NN brick update - on to the third!

In case you missed it late last week, we are in the midst of raising funds to buy some bricks at the Levi's Stadium Fan Walk. The new stadium will feature an array of bricks that fans can purchase...

We're working toward a third brick!

We've got funds for two bricks. One is set, but now we need an inscription for the second.


The 49ers are thankful for... [auto-play]

CSN Bay Area had someone go around asking different members of the 49ers what they are thankful for this holiday. It's an annoying auto-play video, but I figured it was worth a quick post on...


Sometimes you just need some YouTube

We spend most of our time breaking down the news, breaking down the film and generally trying to figure out what exactly is going on with our San Francisco 49ers. Sometimes it's easy to get a...

Steph takes aim at Damon Bruce

Damon Bruce spent nine minutes going on a misogynistic tirade about women ruining sports with their emotions and opinions. We look at the controversy.

Saturday evening thread: Joe Show, Total Access

We take a look at a few pieces of content to keep you entertained on a Saturday evening.


I was only just made aware of this, but apparently today is International Caps Lock Day! On this day, we honor its longtime hero:

I have a question for you....

How 'bout them 49ers? Enjoy the rest of the evening. We'll be back Monday morning with all sorts of goodies. Nuggets coming at 2 a.m. PT, plenty more the rest of the day.

Saturday evening open thread

We've got an open thread for some Saturday evening discussion.

Happy Birthday, Anquan Boldin!

The 49ers had a colorful Happy Birthday message for Anquan Boldin.


Time for distractions!

An open thread to wash away your misery.

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