Random Open Threads


A boxing perspective on the 49ers offense

Fooch's Note: As a boxing fan, I enjoyed this perspective I know a lot of people grow weary of the 49ers offense and with good reason... It is not made for action packed TV. I know we all get...

Happy Left Handers Day!


I just found out a bit ago, that today's National Left Handers' Day. Who knew?! You learn something new every day. Given that it is National Left Handers' Day, why not celebrate all that is Steve...

What sports bar do you frequent for 49ers games?


We take a look at sports bars where people can view 49ers games in San Francisco, the Bay area and around the country/world.

Hall of Fame ceremony open thread


The 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony starts at 4 p.m. PT. Some 49ers greats continue to wait for induction, but this class is certainly worthy.

Send this little guy a birthday card


I came across something completely unrelated to the 49ers, but worth sharing here. There's a kid in Massachusetts with an inoperable brain tumor, and one thing he enjoys is getting mail. His...

Wednesday evening open thread


Well, the 49ers have begun assembling for training camp, but  we won't be hearing a whole lot out of camp until practices start later next week. It will remain quiet, so I figure we can continue to...

All Star Game open thread


The 2014 MLB All Star Game goes down tonight as we're a little over halfway through the baseball season. If you're not a baseball fan, this is an open thread for whatever discussion, but if you're...

Home Run Derby open thread


We are officially into the slowest three days of the sports calendar. Today means the Home Run Derby, Tuesday marks the All Star Game, and then Wednesday there are no sporting events of particular...

We landed on the moon?!?!


Hopefully everybody had a good weekend. I'm up in Minneapolis for the All Star Game and generally just enjoying myself before we get into the thick of training camp soon. It's been a busy few days...

World Cup final open thread


The 2014 World Cup comes to a close today with the final between Argentina and Germany. Although I am not the biggest soccer fan, it's been a fun tournament. It helped that the United States...


I can watch this GIF all day


I thought this would make for a fun open thread. Earlier this week, somebody posted the Ahmad Brooks leap GIF in the comments, and it inspired me to create an open thread with that as the picture. ...

World Cup 3rd place game open thread


The 2014 World Cup wraps up Sunday afternoon, but in the meantime, there is actually a third place game to be played. I was aware of the 3rd place game, but I still find it so random. SB Nation put...

Friday evening open thread: Almost football!


We are officially entering the final weekend of absolutely nothing to do with football. Next Wednesday, July 16, the San Francisco 49ers will welcome their rookies back to Santa Clara for the start...

World Cup open thread


I forgot to put up an open thread for yesterday's World Cup match, and boy did we miss a crazy one. Germany destroyed Brazil, and now awaits the winner of today's Argentina-Netherlands match. That...

Sunday evening open thread


The holiday weekend is just about wrapped up, and I figured I would put together an open thread for your enjoyment. Tonight we'll find out the full All Star rosters, minus the "Final Vote"...

Saturday night open thread


Hope everybody is having a great 4th of July weekend. It's quiet for the 49ers, but the rest of the sports world is keeping busy. I figured I'd open up a thread for some Saturday evening enjoyment. ...

Happy 4th of July!


Happy 4th of July. We might as well celebrate in the most America way possible: overeating!

NN will be innaccessible from 12 am to 2 am PT


Well, it was an intense day of soccer action for World Cup fans. Things have calmed down following the USMNT loss. I'll watch some of the remaining World Cup, but probably not quite as much as if...

USA-Belgium open thread


The United States Men's National Team faces a huge test today as they square off against Belgium in the World Cup's Round of 16. This is the final match of this first knockout round. The winner...

World Cup open thread


Good morning, everybody! It's a quiet, lazy Sunday, which makes it a perfect time to catch some World Cup action. I figured for today and tomorrow's matches we'll have an open thread, and then have...

Saturday evening open thread


Things are rather quiet today now that the two World Cup matches are wrapped up. Brazil beat Chile on a wild penalty kick situation, and Colombia rolled Uruguay. Tomorrow should be a fun day with...

USA-Germany open thread


We're back with another World Cup thread, for what is one of the biggest matches in US soccer history. The USMNT faces off against Germany in a pretty huge group stage match. The winner claims the...

World Cup open thread: USA vs. Portugal


Welcome back for another open thread for World Cup action! The United States national squad squares off against Portugal on ESPN at 3 p.m. PT with plenty on the line. If the US wins, they advance...

Saturday evening open thread


The NFL has officially ground to a bit of a halt now that minicamp is over, which means we're just sort of twiddling our thumbs here and there to bide the time. With that in mind, I thought I'd put...

Minicamp, Day 2: Open Thread


The San Francisco 49ers are back for day 2 of minicamp. We've got a Twitter feed for 49ers media, and an open thread for discussion.

World Cup open thread


Last week I started up an open thread for World Cup action. The thread isn't crazy full, but given today's USA-Ghana match, I figured I would open up a new thread. I know we've got plenty of...

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