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Putting on the hindsight goggles: Chilo Rachal vs. DeSean Jackson


A little bit of hindsight in looking at whether the 49ers should have drafted DeSean Jackson over Chilo Rachal last year.

49ers sign Kentwan Balmer to 5-year deal


Good news 49ers fans.  Kentwan Balmer has come to terms with the team on a five year contract worth $8 million.  The deal could reach as high as $11 million if he reaches incentives including...

49ers Sign C Cody Wallace


EDITOR'S NOTE 7/24 10AM - If you found this link through 49ersparadise.com (or anywhere else for that matter), feel free to register with the site.  Registration is free and with it you can comment...

49ers sign G/T Chilo Rachal


Well speak of the devil.  Just as I post about why first and second round draft picks haven't been signing, the 49ers go out and come to terms with their second round pick, Chilo Rachal. The most...

49ers thoughts from Football Outsiders


One of my favorite web sites is Football Outsiders.  The sister-site of Baseball Prospectus has taken football analysis to a whole new level.  However, I realized today I hadn't visited the site in...

Scouting the Draft: With Matt Miller


As the newest member to the Niner's Nation family, I will be providing a look at all things 49ers, but with a scouting twist. Future articles will include breaking down the offense, defense and...

NFC West Draft Review


It took me a couple days to realize I had not even looked into the drafts of our NFC West rivals.  While it's important for the 49ers to improve their own team, the drafts and free agent...

Reggie Smith Wake-up Call


One of the more amusing stories to come out of the 49ers 2008 NFL Draft (aside from pepper sprayed draft picks, because who doesn't enjoy pepper spray stories) would be the fact that Reggie...

49ers Draft Review: Just when you think you know the answers, I change the questions


I figured that with all the questions surrounding the draft yesterday, it was easier to roll out answers and try and at least allow for some clarity. We didn't answer a ton of questions, but...

49ers Draft Review: Initial Answers


After 2 days and give picks, the San Francisco 49ers draft is complete and the time for irrational and rational analysis is upon us.  Right off the bat, I'll say this is a very tough draft to...

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