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Chargers 20 - 49ers 17: Thank you for not kicking the field goal


Well, that was certainly an interesting ending to the game.  After a relatively bland first 3+ quarters, the game reached a fevered pitch in the final two minutes following a Robert Ortiz fumble on...

49ers Injury Update


As we approach the last game of the preseason, it's all about keeping guys healthy.  The 49ers have done fairly well in keeping healthy (KNOCK ON WOOD) and they're taking serious precautions this...

The 49ers not so special teams


Over the course of the preseason, the 49ers offensive and defensive units have shown important signs of life.  There have been some inconsistencies but improvement can be seen.  The offense...

San Francisco 49ers 37 - Chicago Bears 30: Talk about your offensive fireworks


425 yards of total offense by the 49ers tonight against the Chicago Bears.  Last week, 355 yards of offense against the Green Bay Packers.  Take a minute to soak those numbers in.  While it is only...

49ers Injury Report: A rookie will be getting a big chance Thursday


EDITOR'S NOTE - I managed to score jury duty today, so if anything comes up, feel free to use this as an open thread for breaking news of any sort.  Thanks to the power of SBN 2.0 I've managed to...

49ers-Bears: A Bears blogger's insights


During the 2007 regular season I'd throw some questions back and forth with the opposing team's SB Nation blogger.  I thought we'd get back into that for this Thursday's 49ers-Bears exhibition. ...

49ers-Bears Injury Report: Jonas Jennings Out


EDITOR'S UPDATE 4:25PM: Jennings had surgery on his right hand for a broken knuckle (sounds painful).  He'll be out Thursday, but apparently should be back for the exhibition finale against San...

49ers-Packers: Josh Morgan skills vs. Packers mistakes


Aside from the quarterback situation, Josh Morgan has been the next biggest story over the last ten days.  He was making a name for himself with the coaching stafff in practice as he got first team...

49ers 34 - Packers 6: Postgame Quotes


First off, I wanted to lead with one of the most bizarre but great quotes of the season so far. At one point they were talking about how intense Justin Smith was, even to the media.  They then...

49ers 34 - Packers 6: Morning after links


The one drawback to doing clips the day after this kind of victory is that it's possible people will be a little too excited.  It was after all just a preseason game.  Of course, given the run of...

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