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Niners Nation at 49ers Training Camp


So first a little background.  Last week I received an email from Jason Jenkins, the 49ers Director of PR Operations.  He mentioned seeing the site and wanted to see if I could make it down to...

49ers Wide Receivers: How will it all shake out?


After being dogged by a calf injury the last few weeks, Ashley Lelie was finally back in full practice yesterday.  The emergence of Josh Morgan, coupled with Lelie's injury has pushed Lelie to the...

49ers Injury Update


As we approach the last game of the preseason, it's all about keeping guys healthy.  The 49ers have done fairly well in keeping healthy (KNOCK ON WOOD) and they're taking serious precautions this...

Niners Nation sits down with 49ers GM Scot McCloughan


So, over the weekend I mentioned that I had scored an invite to the 49ers practice this past Saturday.  I'll have some pictures up later in the afternoon, but here's the juicy part.  Thanks to the...

The 49ers not so special teams


Over the course of the preseason, the 49ers offensive and defensive units have shown important signs of life.  There have been some inconsistencies but improvement can be seen.  The offense...

49ers make first 5 cuts


Apologies for not having this up earlier.  I'll be posting more in the coming week, but I scored an invite to a closed 49ers practice today and have all sorts of stuff to pass along (including a...

49ers Injury Report: A rookie will be getting a big chance Thursday


EDITOR'S NOTE - I managed to score jury duty today, so if anything comes up, feel free to use this as an open thread for breaking news of any sort.  Thanks to the power of SBN 2.0 I've managed to...

49ers-Bears Injury Report: Jonas Jennings Out


EDITOR'S UPDATE 4:25PM: Jennings had surgery on his right hand for a broken knuckle (sounds painful).  He'll be out Thursday, but apparently should be back for the exhibition finale against San...

49ers 34 - Packers 6: Well then....


We'll have plenty of 49ers-Packers recap coverage in the next few days, but for this evening I wanted to get some quick observations down.  It's been quite some time since the 49ers took care of...

49ers Training Camp: Vernon Davis fisticuffs.....again


Word came out yesterday that Vernon Davis got in another fight in camp, this time with Larry Grant.  Apparently Davis was doing some blocking on a DeShaun Foster run and Grant took exception.  M...

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