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49ers Training Camp Day 1 Updates: Open Thread

It sounds like there will be random updates on 49ers training camp throughout the day.  As I come across information I'll add it to this post.  Feel free to discuss anything about training camp...

49ers Training Camp Battles after the first turn: Part II

Since training camp starts later this week, I put together a short list of position battles heading into training camp.  I could wait until the day before, but since nothing is likely to change in...

49ers Training Camp: 8 practices open to the public

The 49ers released a whole bunch of training camp information today.  The team will open up 8 practices for free to the public.  They are: Saturday, July 26 (9-10:30 a.m.) Sunday, July 27...

49ers first training camp practice: Free tickets through the Merc

So I get the email newsletter from the 49ers every week and today's brought some interesting information.  All the players report to Santa Clara on July 24 and the first practice of training camp...

Hot Reads: Answer TO or Continuation OF our problems?

Over the years, I really feel like the Madden and college football video games have gotten so overly complex that it's taken some of the fun out playing.  You can run audibles for everything from...

49ers Roster Bubble Watch: Josh Morgan

Now that Mike Martz is running the offense, the wide receivers will certainly play a bigger role and more talented receivers will be necessary (thank you Captain Obvious).  After the top 3 of...

49ers Roster Bubble Watch: Jay Moore

After putting together a 53-man roster and practice squad projection, the next step is looking at the specific players that are battling for the final few spots on the 49ers roster.  This first...

Manny Lawson's Thoughts on Mini-Camp

Manny Lawson does blog entries for sf49ers.com and he discussed training camp and his status. With all the questions about his status, this seemed pertinent

49ers Training Camp Battles: The "Ted" Inside Linebacker

I realize this is probably insanely early to start looking at training camp battles, but it ties in well with the recent announcement that 49ers training camp starts July 24.  The 49ers will have...

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