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NFL Free Agent Feeding Frenzy Finale – Team Needs (AFC South and AFC West) and Position Wrap-Up

It’s been a long haul, but now we’re wrapping up with a look at our final two divisions – the AFC South and AFC West - as well as a drive-by look at the top five guys at each position...

NFL Free Agent Feeding Frenzy, Part 5 – Team Needs (AFC East and AFC North)

Free agency is literally just around the corner - word is that the feeding frenzy will officially kick off at 10:00 EST Tuesday. Having run down the biggest needs for each team in the NFC, let’s...

NFL Free Agent Feeding Frenzy, Part 4 – Team Needs (NFC South and NFC West)

Continuing our look at teams’ likeliest free agent needs, let’s take a look at the balance of the NFC. As before, I’ll lay out my thoughts on the top three needs for each team – for the...

NFL Free Agent Feeding Frenzy, Part 3 – Team Needs (NFC East and NFC North)

At the suggestion of one of our learned Barkers, I thought I’d take a step back from the individual player analysis to lay out an overview of what each team is likely to try and lay claim to once...

NFL Free Agent Feeding Frenzy, Part 2 – Guards and Centers

When last we met, I laid out some thoughts on 2011’s crop of free agent offensive tackles. For this installment we’re moving inside to the A gaps to take a look at the guards and centers that...

NFL Free Agent Feeding Frenzy, Part 1 - Offensive Tackles

As positive news continues to leak out from the negotiating table, we’re looking at an imminent resumption of business as usual for the NFL – as well as a looming free agency period that...

49ers Offseason Depends On Two Things: Jim Harbaugh And Players Breaking Mental Barriers

The 49ers have had a crazy offseason (who hasn't, with this lockout?), and there are two deciding factors when it all comes down to whether or not it was a good one: Jim Harbaugh, and players needing a change of scenery.

49ers Patient This Free Agency Period, Raiders Are ... Well, You Know

The 49ers have made several value free agent signings and have acquired at least six starters. The Raiders have spent the same amount of money the 49ers spent on those players ... on Michael Huff.

NFL Free Agency: Seattle Seahawks Sign Brett Johnson

The Seattle Seahawks have reportedly agreed to terms with free agent free safety Brett Johnson.

Max Jean-Gilles Signs One-Year Contract With Bengals

Free agent offensive lineman Max Jean-Gilles has signed a one-year contract with the Cincinnati Bengals worth $1.15 million.

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