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A series of serendipitous events: Harbaugh, Manning, Luck forever linked by fate

A Niners Nation user takes a look at how things have come full circle for Jim Harbaugh, Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.


A very early, comprehensive look at the 53 man roster

With the signing of UDFAs, the 49ers are very close to filling out their 90 man rosters. Now, the question becomes who will make the 53 man rosters for game day. Obviously, we aren't able to answer...

NFL Draft Order 2012: 49ers Picks One Through Seven


We break down the 2012 NFL Draft order and the 49ers specific picks following the issuance of compensatory picks.


49ers head into draft with few weaknesses

With just a little over a month until the NFL Draft (set to take place on April 26-28th), general manager Trent Baalke and the 49ers front office have done an admirable job replenishing the roster...


7 round mock draft

With free agency winding down, it's time for that most favorite of pastimes - mock draft making. As rosterbation goes it's even more fun than free agency speculation, because it's so much simpler....


Projecting the Niners' Draft Selections

Since the conslusion of the Combine there has been a plethora of mock drafts ... both here on Niners Nation and across the Internet. Fooch has posted the annual 49ers Mock Draft Data Base, which...

2012 NFL Combine: Open Thread With Live Online Stream Link


We provide a live online stream for the first day of workouts at the NFL Combine and look at some of the results.

NFL Mock Draft Database 2012: Pre-40 Edition


We break down 30 mock drafts and what they have the 49ers doing with the 30th pick as the NFL Combine rolls along.

2012 Niners Nation NFL Mock Draft Database


Welcome to the 5th annual Niners Nation Mock Draft Database. This compilation of 2012 NFL Mock Drafts contains 30 different mock drafts to give us a snapshot of what folks are predicting the 49ers...

2012 NFL Mock Draft: San Francisco 49ers Version 1


Mock draft of what the San Francisco 49ers could possibly do in the 2012 draft.

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